No free time because of work?

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overworked and no time for family

Are you one of those people that have no free time because of work?

The world that most of us live in require us to give up our OWN, precious time on a daily basis with little or no time to spend with family, or to do the things that we might want to do. It doesnt have to be that way!! From my OWN experience, i will guide you( in 3 simple steps) how to break the mould, which if implemented, will give you the time that you deserve!

STEP ONE: Stop trying to please your employers! Overworked people are overworked for a reason...They don't know how to say NO to their bosses. The next time your boss asks you to work over, or to work at the weekend etc. say NO! Make this a habit and you will find that your boss will stop asking you (over a period of time). If you ARE a business owner then this doesn't apply (obviously) but if you're reading this you must also feel like you have No free time because of work. The only advice i would give to you is to stop trying to please your business so much haha.

STEP TWO: Own your own time! When you get home from work, leave anything work related at work. This is YOUR time! Don't answer calls from co-workers (unless you know it's an invitation to go for a beer) forget the e-mails, forget what your boss said to you during the day that pissed you off. FORGET EVERYTHING!! Be present without worrying about what happened today, the past or what might happen in the future. live in the present. Worrying about things never helped anyone. Find out how I learned to have more free time by clicking here

STEP THREE: Plan your days! I can't stress enough how effective this is. It's only natural as human beings to have more than one thing on our minds at any given time. Planning your days in advance gives you a schedule from which to work from. I'm not just talking work related, it could be anything that needs doing in your life from giving the dog a bath to clearing out the garage. Plan your days with this free calender print it off, fill in tasks on the days where you know you have the time to do it and abide by the one and only rule which is... STICK TO IT. Make this a habit and you will soon find that your less worried about things that need doing.

“It is not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do , it is that we feel the need to do too many things in the time we have.”....... This a Quote from Gary Keller, the Author of the book the ONE THING!! A brilliant book about how to manage your time to improve your work and home life while achieving unparalleled success. Its available for FREE download on Sarah namulondo's website

Follow the steps above, read the book and I can guarantee that you'll not only be able to do tasks with and have the free time you deserve, but you'll also be happier and less stressed which will have a positive impact on you and on those around you.  

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