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Who am I

Good morning or good afternoon my readers!

This my first online blog and I’m very excited to go digital! #CHEERS But what am I going to talk about every week???? Well I’ll give you girls a heads up. If you let me, I want to tell you about my journey to the digital world and the steps that I made in my life that brought me here today.

My name is Kayleigh I am 25 years old and I live I Amsterdam with my two-year-old son. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, hope on my plane ..

It all started when I was ‘happily engaged’ with the father of my son. There was a time that he had spend behind bars in Surinam because he was hanging around with the wrong kind of people. So there was I .. pregnant with his child and all alone. Friends in this period uhmm… there were like (to put it in a nice way) just living their life. And I had mine .. when I started to realize that it wasn’t going to change over-night. I went crazy and by crazy I mean CRAZY. Crying my eyes out thinking .. WHY ME!! Am I such a bad person God? But I had to fight and make the best of it. So that is what I did!

My brothers and a family friend helped me to fix the nursery. After that I was back in the gym. My sensei called me crazy but we all know that he adores me hahah and he didn’t knew what to do with me. I was scared to tell him about my situation even though we are close. It felt like failing and I wasn’t ready to give up on my ‘perfect picture’. So tree times a week I was there, kicking and punching all this bad energy out of my body. So I could leave all the pain on the math. When time was flying by I decided to go on a trip to Surinam. To see the father of my child behind bars. This was a MASSIVE step and if I say MASSIVE I really mean MASSIVE because I had all these images in my head. #Confession I was also watching documentary’s about behind bars in South-America, that is some serious shit y’all!!! #No jokes Only the thoughts already scared me.

When I was there and saw him I felt sooo sad. Sad because I was in a ‘happy place’ and he was not. He did not once kissed or played with my belly or gave me a back rub. Yes, girl not once. The only thing that he experienced as a new born dad was the first ultrasound.  All the things that he had to do as a father/fiancé my angel from above, my all, my mother did that. When my son was born I had my mom and her little sister my godmother with me. To bring my bundle of joy to this big world. There he was S.R.R born on the 28th of November 2015. I made him a promise, that I’m going to make the best of it for the both of us. So I did, found a job as kitchen designer (I studied for Interior Design) and on the 15th of July 2016 I bought my apartment in Amsterdam.

So when people tell me .. ‘Girl you have everything together’ or ‘girl you lucky’ They REALLY don’t know where I am coming from as a young woman, as a single mom that was working 40 hours a week!! And my son was spending 36 hours a week at day care. My mom is still babysitting every Monday.

I was traveling when I met his dad. Took a two year off because I had my degree and was being Dora by traveling the world. So no I didn’t have the 3 months off you get when you just had a baby. But I had choice I could stayed home and get a little bit of money of the government or fight this battle. And that I exactly what I did!

Stay tuned for my next blog


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