The Reason I Decided To Be My Own Boss And Create My Own Business. My Real Life Story!

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The reason why you should be your own boss, by creating an online or any other business that you can, and are passionate about; though studies show that online is one of the easiest that anyone who is willing to, can do and also the fastest growing in this new digital era.

I come from a small central African country of about 25 million inhabitants that you might not even know exist. Colonized by the Germans and later by the English and French after the Second World War, my country or what is left of it has two official languages. We will get to talk more about the history of my country when we meet each other.

I left my country some twenty years ago and I have been leaving in Europe where I realized that time moves on and waits for no one. So, I had to begin my own family before time catches me on the blind side and I start chocking on the dust of my own regret. Going many years back in my country during my schooling days, I was very observant, maybe not that much anymore today, and I noticed very early that something was not right with the society in which I was living. Many people had no jobs and those who had jobs were merely trading their time for very little money or sometimes for nothing, and those who had the jobs were looked upon as privileged which was very surprising to me because most of them had nothing to show for the job, apart from just having a job that was taking them exactly nowhere.

I rightly or wrongly thought that recycling this type of life or living this way is never going to help me to leave the type of life I dreamt of. So I had to figure out something and, I figured out that my only option (at least my solution at the time) was to leave my country to Europe or America and to trade my time, if it is an absolute necessity and since the whole world seems to have accepted this invisible agreement for trading time for 9 to 5 Monday to Fridays. Anyway, at least here I had to do so for a better income than what I could have expected in my country. A situation in which millions of people can relate to.

I thought to myself that this new situation will definitely provide me with at least a better life than what I could have expected or had in my country. And it truly did, because though I moved from job to job, I at least always had a job and no matter how small it was, I had a better paycheck than I would have dreamt of in my country even as a public servants who are wrongly looked upon first-class citizens.

That notwithstanding, I quickly realized that as a result of leaving my country to work thousands of miles away, I was separated from my family, friends, and relatives and I spent every day waking up and working on a job that was giving me the income, but here I was, trading my freedom. Trading my ability to spend time with the people that I loved. I felt like being alone in the middle of the desert.

undefinedSo, I was having the "money" but frustration was also getting me, and every morning I woke up, every Monday I felt like a load of gravel had been dumped on me just thinking about going to work. I would be so upset and disappointed in myself because I couldn’t spend time with the people that I cared about.

And then, came my wakeup call, when one of my friends and colleague who had a very promising future, young strong, with almost perfect health left us in the job one afternoon and…  died just a couple of miles away,  in a car accident. A few minutes earlier, we were talking, joking and laughing together. When I laid on my bed that night I thought to myself, if I do what I was doing for the next twenty years, that is, if I am not also caught in a car crash, and I can’t spend time with the people I care about, not able to show my kids a better way of living, not having freedom of movement, not having the ability to make my own choices but having to live up to someone else expectations, then I would have wasted my time on this earth trying to live some else dream, or living my life on some other person’s terms. No one should live his or her life on some other person's terms.

I realized that change was urgent in my life or I was going to regret wasting my entire life, not leaving life in my own way. So, when I became conscious of the fact that change was urgent in my life, I was faced with another challenge, I did not know how to change. How could I walk away from my job? I needed the income to leave decently and support my family friends and relatives. I then started looking for inspiration and solutions to enable me to live my own vision of life.

As I went through YouTube in search of videos on motivation and inspirations I came across a video series that talked about online business which was not exactly what I was looking for but the ideas in the videos quickly related to my situation. The videos, in a nutshell, talked about how to build a business online which meant I could run my own life instead of having it ran for me by someone else.

It was something that meant a new way of life and actually having the freedom to spend time with the people that I cared about and show my kids and family a better way to live.

This video series was made by the two co-founders of a company that since then has given me much help to move me forward not only on my journey to create a better life but has made me grow as a human being and given me a whole new perspective on how to look at life and the different possibilities and opportunities that we can take hold of in life. 

undefinedI am currently still on the journey as I write, I am walking down this path and I don’t have it all figured out yet but one thing I am sure of is that I am consciously creating a brighter future for my children, my family and myself.  So I am now in a position, in my journey where I want to share the same videos series with other people who are in the position I was. I want to give this to people and enable them to take the same steps following the steps I followed and create a change in their lives because that is what I am really passionate about. I come from a society where helping one another is an invisible and unwritten rule. So this truly means a lot to me and I want to give people the same opportunity I had that transformed my life, rekindled and regenerated my hopes and aspirations for a better future.

So if whatever you have gone through resonates, if this does make some sense, if it sounds familiar please click on this link. This is what you will find behind the link, you will be asked for your name and email address, were you will be sent the exact same video series that thought me how I could make a change from feeling very unfulfilled and unhappy, in jobs that I did not love and not spend time with my family, into building a new life, a life of freedom, earning an income online and ultimately giving me the back the power to spend time with the people that I want to spend time with, where ever in the world I wanted to spend time with them. Maybe this is exactly the path that your life needs today, why not try it and then prove to yourself that it is not for you instead of discovering some years later that you had an opportunity but allowed it to slip through your fingers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far in this true story and please remember to click on this link to receive the video series if you want to learn more and I look forward to personally talk to you on the other side of the videos.

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