Sumners Ponds - Double Tipi Tent

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Sumners Ponds - Double Tipi Tent

The Sumners Ponds - Double Tipi tent, I saw this and just had to take a picture of it. I have seen huge tipi tents before, but I have never seen a double sized one, also I love to take photos, and I am always looking for photo opportunities, and this caught my eye!

Sumners Ponds is a beautiful campsite and fishery in West Sussex, which my partner and I love to go to spend precious quality time. We go for the exercise and enjoy beautiful walks when we are not doing a job we love to do. 

We can enjoy the beauty of nature, have a beautiful walk in the fresh air and check out the other tourers tents and glamping vehicles. You see we have an American RV and we love it! 

On our approach to Sumners Ponds, we see a sign for Beautiful World Tents thinking there is an event on or something. 

We head down the muddy track, to a huge open field, with a ginormous double tipi tent which is magnificent it looks absolutely awesome!

The field where the double tipi tent, is situated, is the perfect setting, for any type of event.

On closer inspection, we take a look inside, "wow" it is so beautifully set out. Inside there is a beautiful solid wood bar, it has such a beautiful finish and they have really captured the real natural beauty of the wood.

( Another passion of ours is working with wood when we were living and working in Cautirac in France, for a couple called Michelle and RC Ledford when we were not working and helping out, we would use the wood, that would otherwise be destined for the fire pit or log burner and turn it into something that is truly magnificent, I once made a beautiful, but practical wine bottle holder and my partner made the structure of a children's playhouse, that's another story.

Inside too, there was a fire pit, excellent for this time of year, cosy too, speaking of cosy, they also had leather pouffes for sitting and chillaxing. They have thought of everything!

I have since looked on their website and they have open day's, so you can come and see for yourself. Maybe you too would love to hire this.

Their next open day for September 2017 is at Sumners Ponds on the 22nd September between 18:00pm - 21:30pm.

Saturday 23rd September 2017 at 10:00am - 16:00pm.


This is the solid wood bar inside the Sumners Ponds Double Tipi Tent



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