A Digital Lifestyle - My Story, Part 4. My Life Today!

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Hi again!
This is the last part of my little story of my way to a Digital Lifestyle.
Earlier I have explained about the company I started studying and working for. This happened at the same time as my family moved to Spain, Gran Canaria over the Winter (2015/2016).
There I was in a new country with my new studies/occupation. How scary isn't that?!! And trust me, I was scared and sometimes very confused. Especially when it took almost 2 months until we finally got wi-fi in our house. Not easy to be in an online business without internet... There were times I wondered if we went too far in the search of a new kind of life.
The answer luckily turned out to be that this adventure was the best thing we could ever have done. We loved our time abroad, got many new friends and the kids liked their new school. We loved Gran Canaria and the relaxing atmosphere there. My change in mindset and doing things way outside my comfort zone got fantastic results both in my private life and business. 


I am still learning, attending seminaries online, working with my English mentors and much more. Always improving myself and my capacity in my path of continuing building my digital lifestyle business.
I now have the possibility to both study and work wherever I want and whenever I choose to. That is freedom for me! 
Please take a moment and reflect. What would you do with your Digital Life? What do you treasure in life?
Maybe it isn't that hard and impossible as you might think? It's all about mindset and getting the right tools in front of you and inspiring people around you. For me, that means great mentors, a positive mindset and most important a business system that I can understand and handle. 

My near future

My family is soon leaving Sweden again for the wonderful sunny Canary Islands, Gran Canaria. This time, we will stay for at least 8 months!!! Yesterday we signed a contract to rent out our house in Sweden, one of our cars is for sale and also our caravan. Once again an exciting time is waiting for us. I really appreciate my flexible lifestyle and more time with my family. Our little house in Gran Canaria is very small but it doesn´t matter. You´re mostly outside and I love to be able to work just in a sunbed on my terrace. ;-)
Of course, my journey does not end here but I hope you have got to know me a little through "my story" and maybe it somehow had an impact on you. That would make me very happy!
If you find this exciting and wish to learn more, experience the digital business platform, meet the mentors online, join training webinars etc, please do not hesitate to try it out in this 30-day free test drive. Transparency and being honest is the way to go!
I think there are many of us who want to change our lives somehow and it is possible! Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you like to know more.
Thanks for letting me share my story with you! :-)
All The Best!
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