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How do you feel as a woman who is searching for peace?  Many women desire peace and aren't sure where to find it.  Each person finds peace in their own way.

I have meditated and love the peace that comes from my preferred early morning meditation.

A quiet time before meals, being grateful and giving thanks for our food, family and friends puts me in a peaceful frame of mind.

Enjoying meals in peace and awareness is motivating and stimulating to our senses as we can slowly enjoy each mouthful of food and feel the textures on our tongues. Playing, holidaying or retreating to ones own bedroom with a book of their choice is calming.

Watching the sun go down gives me such peace and gratitude I enjoy it often. A hot tub bath with candles and flower pedals floating makes me feel angelic.

Some like to take a hot water bottle to bed with them to feel the warmth and comfort.

Some women like to have a special peice of clothing they can smell when laying down for a rest. Often the peice of clothing belonged to a loved one who may have recently passed on.

This is much like an infant baby can be consoled with an article of clothing from their mother, when mother is unavailable to be with them.

Walking in nature with the trees, earth beneath my feet and birds, butterflies and squirrels flitting about brings my awareness to beautiful thoughts for peaceful living.

Sitting on the deck overlooking water can clear ones mind also. Laying in the sun soaking up the healthy sun rays and vitamin D can put me in another world leaving all past behind to enjoy NOW.

Sitting on a deck surrounded with trees, listening to the rustling of the leaves is so refreshing also for me. Some gals just close their eyes and visualize their perfect world.

I still love to sit in front of a wood burning fire, listening to the fires sounds is music to my ears, just like snap, crackel and pop. Finding what brings peace to you is yours to own and enjoy.

As much as we are all the same, different things work for different people when it comes to finding peace.

Women are peace makers and must find their own peace to bring peace to others. Having peaceful work or hobbies that you are passionate about, will bring more peace to your life and all those around you.

I have found a passion for writing through our on-line business. I still enjoy biking, swimming and golfing as they bring out the child in me and give me more energy for myself and others around me.

How would you feel working on-line when you have time, being your own boss, enjoying life to the fullest and doing what you love.

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