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Our brains are getting a little busy with all this conscious thought and creation stuff, hey! But that's exactly what we are looking for. We want to be busy making conscious decisions and having conscious thoughts about every aspect of our lives and creating the good stuff. This stops the unconscious thoughts from happening which lead to less than optional results.

How do you feel after focusing on the concept of creation for a week? Have you been able to be more aware of the times when your mind is creating less than optimal stuff for you? Have you become more aware of when you are making decisions that are creating outcomes and results that are not in your favour?

Here are some generalised examples to consider... 

As parent there are times that you totally have to put aside your own needs and this is right and proper.  However, there are times when it's may have been better for the child to take the challenging lesson.  We may have been stepping in as the parent, unconsciously taking that learning opportunity and doing it for them. We have done too much - the child has missed out learning how to run their own life. 

As an eater there are many times that so many of us unconsciously put the wrong food into our bodies.  Can a conscious decision get better outcomes for us?

As a single person, what behaviours are we undertaking that either draws people to us who are not right for us OR that send people away who were right for us?

As an employee, what behaviours are we displaying at work that are not leading us to the promotion or pay rise that we seek?  Are we being the best possible team player? Are we contributing as best we can?  (And don't worry - I do not believe that working a 10 hour day is the right way to go.  In fact, I believe it is a scourge of our modern society that so many people are working way over their required hours in a week.)

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Creating The Right Results
If you stand where you are in your life right now and look back on your life can you begin to see how your unconscious thoughts have lead to situations that have not been in your best interest?  

Every day, many times a day, I decide what I put in my mouth.  This is a really tough lesson for me - I still decide REGULARLY to put the wrong stuff in my mouth.  But I understand why I do that now, and when I am being SUPER CONSCIOUS I lose weight - and I easily lose weight!  When I'm being conscious I make good decisions and plan ahead.  When I'm not being conscious I slip into old habits and made poor choices.

My Experience
Standing in my life now and looking back I can see so very many mistakes that I have made - big and small - and I can see how they have led me to where I am now.  And where I am now is awesome - so what's that all about?  It's all so interlinked and intertwined.  None of this is bad, or wrong - it is exactly how it is meant to be.  This is simply my life, my lessons because life is one big lesson.  

Maybe we feel that the learning is stopped once we leave school or university or stop doing training at work - but this is a whole different type of learning.  This is the big HOW TO RUN YOUR LIFE lesson that maybe has been a little neglected in society.  Maybe that's changing and what a great thing that is.  Remember - previous generations were busy surviving wars and famine and disease.  The human race is moving beyond that now - maybe we are moving up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - see picture above.

Maybe we are moving away from the Basic Needs to the Psychological Needs and it is this alone that is why so many of us are experiencing generalised unhappiness in our lives.  Some of us are learning through incredibly difficult challenges - traumas - that appear in our lives,  some of us are learning through "having everything" and still feeling unhappy.

This weeks challenge
This is a lovely one - practice accepting that everything is as it should be.  It is not your fault, or your parents' fault, or your teachers' fault or your bosses fault - it is as it should be.  Your challenge is what are you prepared to do about it if you're not happy about how it is?  But first, just accept that everything is how it should be and you can stop giving yourself a hard time about it all.

You are awesome,

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