An ode to you

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First thing when I awoke this morning, I took the dogs outside to pee – I am a dog whisperer for I knew exactly what they wanted to do.
Once outside I walk with the dogs to stretch their legs – I am a “dog walker”.

Standing outside I was thinking whether my injured leg has healed – I am a medical doctor.

I came to the conclusion it may needs a bit stretching – I am a physiotherapist.

While doing a few stretches I wondered about which exercise will benefit my whole body – I am a pilates instructor.

I realised all this thinking about my body will be in vain if the wind direction is not ideal for surfing and I determined it is a south-western wind according to the sun’s position – I am a meteorologist.
I went inside to feed the dogs, whilst measuring each dog’s quantity according to his weight - I am a veterinarian.

I grounded coffee beans and made some coffee for my wife and mother in law – I am a barista and hot chocolate, my child’s favourite drink – I am a husband, father and son-in-law.
Whilst the beverages was brewing I scrolled on my smartphone and realised that we have lost internet connection. I resolved by troubleshooting the router - I am a network administrator.

My wife told me she has to go into the office quickly this morning whilst she is on holiday – We both knew the only quick thing of her office visit will be the trip to the office, since it is now only half past 5 in the morning – I am a traffic controller.
I consoled her about her unfair predicament – I am a psychologist and judge.

She asked me whether I like the dress she is wearing - I am a personal stylist. fashion fundi.

I resorted to my morning routine of self-development by delving into the philosophy of Alan Watts – I am a student.

I found inspiration in a few sentences that gave me a reason for doing what I am doing – I am a philosopher.

I quickly checked into the economical states of affair and came to the conclusion that too much fiat currency has been created – I am an economist.

I realised there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and comforted myself with the words  “you-cannot-control-the-uncontrollable” – I am a comforter.

I decided on a healthy breakfast for myself and my daughter – I am a dietitian.

I prepared it – I am a chef.

I then convinced my daughter to eat it - I am a negotiator and a very good bullshitter.

I received an email message on my phone from a business associated and I supported him to achieve his goals this year - I am a mentor.

He mentioned one of my blogs, I then asked him to like and share my articles – I am a marketer.

After breakfast I powered my laptop up and I then updated software that needed updating – I am a software technician.

While my laptop kicked into life I shared my thoughts of the effects and consequences of blockchain technology on our future life’s – I am a prophet.
I started writing this blog – I am an author.
Once completed and back at the office I am being bombarded by questions from my staff – I am a leader.

Then I will open my e-mails – I am a communicator.

I will start my job – I am an accountant.

And so forth….


We live in a world where we are required to fulfill many, many roles within 12 hours. This is only a small glimpse into my life. There are millions of people doing much more and achieving greatness. For example single parents, having full time jobs and raising children.   

Contemplating this I realise we are humans, we are wonderful, complex and magnificent, yet fragile. We are glorious creations experiencing our lives. We take our advancement as a specie for granted. Simply by looking at all the tasks we fulfill each and every day, I realise that we are simply superb, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, you are simply superb, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Acknowledge yourself for all that you are.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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