Are you getting what you want from life?

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I had a very interesting conversation a few months ago, somebody asked me " are you getting what you want from life?" Now, this caught me well and truly off guard, but it served its purpose in the sense it made me realize a few things that I had missed up to then. I was neglecting so many things, my girlfriend who I loved, had begun to dislike what I was becoming, I was no fun to be around walking around in my own little bubble, totally unaware that I was upsetting the one I loved and distancing myself from my friends. I was in a job that I dreaded getting up for, not only that I had been turned down in every place I had worked in for a promotion. I don't know about you but after having thought about it for a while, not that it really needed to! I decided that massive action was needed.

The Problem!

Being born Autistic, and although it shouldn't this had caused major problems in previous places of employment because rightly or wrongly equal opportunities had not been given. I would like to say briefly I have no qualms with any of my previous employers, so I would never name them. Also, I found that all I had been doing in all of my jobs was trading my precious time for money, I wanted a job I had more control of and that a "boss" did not have the say with how far I went, and when I worked, how much I earned or when I got to spend time with my family and friends, after all, isn't this something we all want? The ability to take back control of our lives, to not feel depressed every Monday morning, or to feel that feeling of dread as we approach the entrance to our place of work. I speak for my self here when saying enough is enough! Now I can finally say with great satisfaction I found a way to start to solve this problem.

The Solution!

I found this fantastic video training, and after watching it, I changed my entire view of how I thought things were, I discovered there are alternative ways to live your life and found I could have balance in my life. Through this, I have now been able to leave the job I feared and have been able to start a business I can work on from anywhere, providing I have my laptop and an internet connection. We really can choose what we do in this life, we really do not have to do what 99% of the world does and we have a choice. In fact here is why and it's all because of that great invention the Internet!  

The internet is massive and to put this into perspective for you approximately 50% of the world's population uses the internet. How about this, at the very second I am typing this the nearest available statistic shows 3,943,493,200 people are currently online! That is a whole lot of people watching funny cat videos on Facebook, do not play innocent I know you have seen them we all have. And this is why I felt the need to write this, as I feel some people just need to wake up to this massive opportunity that has presented its self to us all. I will give you just a couple of examples of how anyone could use the internet to either earn a side income or even replace that job that we don't want!

  • E-commerce - The ability to conduct commercial transactions electronically on the internet. (Or to put it simply to buy and sell goods or services using the internet.)   
  • Affiliate marketing- A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commision to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. ( selling other peoples goods or services and getting paid when a transaction takes place.)

These opportunities have not just appeared overnight, and they are not new, people have been making a good living doing this now for a while. But I must confess I too was oblivious to these facts, simply put I am just as guilty. I wanted to make this knowledge as public as possible so many other people could give them self the opportunity to learn this. So with all this in mind I feel I have to ask, are you getting what you want from life? I recently watched this great training that covered all this and really cleared everything up, I urge anyone who felt this post resonated with them visit the link below and watch the same training I saw, hopefully, it is as life-changing for you as it was for me. If you have read to this point then I hope you find what you are looking for thank you!

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