Australia Day - Where do you call home?

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Where do you call home?

As mentioned in the video above, below are some ways to live or experience life in another country.

Today, there are many unpredictable situations in the world, the economy, job reliability, security and climate are only a few reasons people choose to move for a life aboard.  

As a teenager I left the island where I was born to take up an opportunity in another country.  The opportunity was to work as an ‘Au-Pair’. I enjoyed many activities and participated in new cultural experiences and met a lot of welcoming people.  The networking with other families and au-pairs lead to work experience and career change in another European country.


Au-Pair or nanny is not a job of the past.  Many young people today still explore the world as nannies, au-pairs or shorter stays at youth camps. Camp USA is popular and also many youths who now seek out recruiters via their schools or universities where they are living to assist them in working in a home away from home. 


Studying is another reason people leave home and today universities worldwide offer the opportunity to study aboard. 

As I write this one of my children is experiencing living and studying at a European university. 

In Australia, the universities assist with overseas educational experiences. To find out more speak to your information hubs at your local university. 

Teaching English

Teaching English is another opportunity available to earn money while living aboard as an English native speaker.  In most countries, you require having taken an English teaching course prior to commencing a position, a course like TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language). Other than the certification, no teaching experience is required.

Having taught English to beginners in Switzerland I can say it is very rewarding to watch your class of students grow as they learn to master another language.  

With English being one of the global languages there is a demand for teachers, course in TEFL are taught in many major cities.


Volunteering is a life changing experience with a meaning that impacts others.  There is a multitude of volunteering opportunities for everyone. Volunteering is a fantastic way to use your skills and experiences to assist communities in developing, rebuilding or connecting. It is an opportunity that creates memories and makes a difference. The smiling faces of youth in an orphanage or the gratitude shown by villages as water is connected to their town is priceless.

Again I have had the experience firsthand at seeing the faces on the smiling faces of a building project in Kenya and a project in Sri-Lanka and it truly is an experience you’ll never forget.

Deck Crew

Deck crew, yes, I wrote deck crew, amazingly I recently I met someone who had sailed around the world as a crew member on a boat and even participated in the Sydney to Hobart race.  If sailing is your thing a voyage to unknown ports may be the way to see the world.

Cruise Ship 

Staying with sailing, cruise ships, the popular holiday choice of this era offers jobs in hospitality and entertainment for normally three to six months. Previous experience is normally required.

Internal Work Transfers and Work Opportunities

Internal work transfers to other countries around the world are available with some employers including banks and government positions.  Should your job not enable you to live abroad then maybe your job skills will.

Many years ago, my husband and I travelled to Australia for three months.  We loved the country so much that on our return to our then home, Switzerland, we sought out employment and visas to move to Australia.  Although we have lived abroad a few times since moving here, like a boomerang we always return to where we call home.

Work opportunities in different countries are available but do change with industry demand. Working visas are required in most countries. It is important to do your research to find out the requirements of the country your plan to have an extended stay in, work in or move permanently to and call your home.

Regardless of the reason why you're living abroad you are bound to miss family, friends and significant others whose come into your life but your family and friends can be within reach with the available on-line opportunities today.

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