Be in the present

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Are you one of the many who is not in the present?

Be in the present 

To be in the present can be viewed multiple ways.  It can be viewed as in the present with life as well as in the present with the people in your life.

In the video clip below I talk about a few ways to be in the present with the people in your life.


Start today and take notice of those around you, don’t worry about your next project or listen to the gossip nearby, be in the present for those you are with at this moment in time. 

How often have you looked at life through the camera lens? 

How often have you sat with your romantic one and watched the sunset through the camera lens?

I’m guilty of this, watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise rather than enjoying the presence and being in the moment. 

undefinedEnjoying the sunset in WA

Put your phone away and engage in conversation, acknowledge that you are listening, focus on who you’re with to share the moment with, be supportive and respectful. Enjoy and take in the special moments in your life.

As a family, my husband, two children and I have always sat at the dining table for our evening meals.  I have a rule – no phones at the table.  All our family live overseas, whoops no they don't, I've talked a few in moving over to Australia, but they are living in WA and QLD and we're in NSW, living closer but still far away.  Back to the phones, NO, phones at the dinner table, we don’t answer the phone if it rings at meal time, we call people back as this is the time we share our day, answer questions, brainstorm and enjoy each other’s company. Our family time to be in the present with each other.  

Be in the present with all those you communicate with today.

Have a great day.


Angie Emde

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