Beauty Tips! Because Beauty Is An Attitude.

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Beauty Tips

Because Beauty Is An Attitude.

your body makes you sexy,
your face makes you beautiful,
your smile makes you cute,
but your thinking,
makes you totally gorgeous!

  • Give yourself a massage from head to toe, dye your hair, do your nails every 15 days.
  • Go for a walk to the park.
  • Get up early, and hug each of your children before they have to get up for school! Be the first to hold them. Visualize each of them happy, realizing their dreams, healthy. In peace. Immagine them doing their homework, enjoying their school. Taking good decisions. See their bright eyes, feel their smiles. And then, wake them up and make them do their beds, and clean up all their stuff and all that jazz!
  • Have breakfast or at least take a coffee with your teenage girl and talk about anything before she goes to high school. And if she puts her headphones and she "ignores you", give her a tiny smile, a nice look. Don’t let her get you, don’t take it personally, is just her “hormones talking”  Remember: You're the adult.
  • Again, Get up early and enjoy the way to school! Forget about hysteria morning! Put some music on and sing like lunatics until you get there. Make playlists for each one of you, and take turns to put the one that fits best to the morning mood of that day… and for your return home? Put those romantic songs you love and scream them out loud until you laugh! Enjoy! Life is beautiful, aside what the man in the other car thinks!
  • Hug your cat.
  • Buy yourself a blouse or a pair of shoes, some boots or some makeup, or a bag, at least once a month. It's therapeutic, is fair and necessary! It is our duty and salvation!
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate. At least once a day, or when you feel very, very tired, 15 minutes, ok 10? ... OOOOKKK 5! ... listen to relaxing music and take a deep breath. If you work in an office also give yourself a treat: take 5 minutes to breathe, to get out of the office, even mentally: Slowdown, you can go to the bathroom and close your eyes for a bit.
  • Laugh a lot! Laugh whenever you can. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others. Dance, sing, shout. Not everything is serious. Doing the ridiculous is wonderful! Sometimes, many times, if not all, is better to feel good, than to be right.
  • Create a cozy space as a porch, where you can have a beer while watching people pass through.
  • Take a run with your dog.
  • Read stupid things from time to time, woman! Guilty pleasures are, and always will be, a great Beauty tip. Not everything is bad! Really, chill out! Remember that we are vibration! Choose to see the beauty of things and people. Not thinking, generates peace. Stop momentum! Go with the Flow!  if you flow with life, you will be in a state of relaxation and when we are relaxed, our attitude is different and besides, our body secretes oxytocin, the essential hormone for emotional brain stability but also responsible for combating feelings of anxiety, stress or fears. Oxytocin is also known as the "love hormone". Long story short, relaxation, makes us very, very beautiful!
  • Accept change. Accept that you've changed, you're not the same person that you used to be a few years ago. You must accept that everything has its time and you must let go, release. If you perceive that your "friends" are not quite your “friends” anymore, is true, they are no longer your friends! You are the first one that is vibrating different, and of course, you are attracting a bunch of beautiful uplifted new people into your life!


Start doing some changes in your daily beauty tips, nourish yourself with passion, breath, #choosetobehappy! 

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