BEING FREE what a feeling

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A number of years ago while visiting Budapest we decided to go and visit Statue Park (Momento Park). It is a place were a lot of the statues and momentos from the communist era in Hungary were taken from the city and put in this park on display.

While we were there this gentleman approached us and said I heard you talking English and I do too. He was a very interesting man and told us his story obout wanting to be free.

He was a native of Budapest and was there during the Russian takeover of the country in 1956 also know as the Hungarian Revolution.

He told us of his escape and all the trials and near death experiences that he encountered escaping the take over by the Russians and getting out of the country that he loved so he coud be free to persue the life he wanted.

He ended up in Australia and that is were his home is now, interesting to talk to because he had an Aussie and Hungarian accent combination, very interesting.

There are people all over the world who live in conditions that we have only read about, not having the chance to be free to build the life that they would love to have.

Then there are people in the free countries who have the choice and opportunity to create the life they desire but they are so caught up in the SYSTEM that they can't see a way of getting out of that situation.

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