Create A Lifestyle: Not Just Business And Making Money

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In this 21st century, there is a certain way of thinking that needs to be adopted if you are to remain relevant and live a fulfilled life. I am not kidding about this; I am sharing this as someone who cares because I have seen countless people living below the priviledges of life as they are stuck in the 20th century mindset while we are now in the 21st century. How can one use analogy systems in a digital age and expect to succeed? It's now time to deal with 'the elephant in the room', which is also a form of a modern day slavery. This 'modern day slavery' makes one to be a willing participant, in the form of a formal paid employment or a 'brick and mortar' business. Both systems keep you locked up and sucked in their corrosive time and freedom constraints. Once you are sucked into those systems, it becomes very hard to come out. 

Let reality sink in 

In life, when you fail to confront the reality of certain situations, you will likely be kept bound. You can't conquer that which you are afraid to confront. It is on this basis that I envisage that the hallmark of any living being is to continue to have the desire and will power to make life easier for themselves and others. Once you cease to dream for a better life and a better world, it would appear like you will no longer be serving any purpose or being useful. It is therefore imperative that each one of us should ask ourselves difficult questions at certain points in our lives. One question you can ask yourself is, "Am I truly happy with the life I am living in terms of my job, family and business or I am  just stuck with the societal normative values and routines?

If you can study the lives and biographies of those individuals who have gone on to do great things and made differences in this world, you can see that those individuals never settled. They were always and some are still always 'on the go', refusing to settle for the ordinary and for the familiar. Society plays an important role in shaping our values but also the same society can become a beast which  would fight against us and constrict our freedoms if we are not resolute enough. One of the ideas that you must vigorously fight is the one which only limits you to a life as an employee, not giving you opportunities for exercising self determination and choice. 

For those who have moved from being employees to become some sort of entreprenuers, they have also been faced with similar contraints in regards to their time, freedoms as they still remained with those elements of being stuck, by working for money instead of letting money or automated systems work for them. 

When its no longer business as usual

The technological advances which are around us in this digital age have now made business to no longer be just business but it has transcended to it being a lifestyle. There is an Online Business training and mentoring with the Six Figure Mentors which I am a member, whereby you learn the skills and education to be able to sell almost any product online. 

I am talking of the amazing lifestyle that you can choose to live for yourself.  You can choose and decide to venture into an online business which you can operate and run from any place in the world, without having to worry about time, space and manpower. As long as you are committed to learn, implement and scale up your business in line with the advice, education and support within this community, you will almost be guaranteed to succeed. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live a life whereby you can decide when to work, how you want to work, with who and from where. By utilising automated digital systems, you will be able to leverage the massive worldwide market through the internet to fund your lifestyle dreams and this is what I call FREEDOM.

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