7 Ways To Bring Out The Inner Child In You

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We all need to let our inner child play out once in awhile. Doing some fun activities that we probably haven't done since we were a child. Then we can come back and re-focus with renewed energy and vigour. Ready to take on the world! bring out the inner child in you

Here are 7 ways you can do that;

Paddle in the sea

Even if you've got long trousers on. Let them get wet. Stop being so sensible! Look how children love running along the shore edge chasing the waves, you will hear them laugh so freely. Laugh like a child, we all know that laughing reduces stress.      bring out the inner child in you

Dance in the rain

"I got a reason, got something new to believe in. I killed the pain, dancing in the rain," - (Dancing In The Rain - Black Stone Cherry) 

We've all heard sensible mums call out "come out of the rain!" Yet children would still play outside, they were having fun and they just didn't want their fun to stop - so take a leaf out of their books and dance in the rain. We are not made of sugar and we won't dissolve but we would have had fun.

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Get messy

Do something creative, paint hand prints, clay modelling, anything that lets your creative juices flow. It's not about producing the next masterpiece, it's about feeling the mess, the yuckiness, just simply do it!. bring out the inner child in you There's no grown up telling you to stop being so messy, it doesn't matter how dirty you get, that's what washing machines are for.

Fair rides

Get yourself to a theme park or fair and get on the most scariest ride you can cope with. This gets the endorphins (feel good hormones) gushing about your body. Studies have shown that you burn calories whilst on high adrenaline rides, you fill your lungs with air with the screaming and laughing, so you're getting a mini workout. bring out the inner child in you

Studies have also shown that if you ride with a loved one, it gives the sense of " surviing something together," so the bond you have together is strengthened. 

Scream away your anxieties!

Roll down a hill   

This one you may want to beg, borrow or steal (not literally) a child, so that you don't feel so foolish doing it on your own. It is amazing fun. Roll down a hill, it doesn't have to be Mount Snowdon, but just a slight incline. bring out the inner child in youThe act of letting go with a slightly uncontrollable sense of direction can be quite liberating. Try to get into a child's mindset because they just simply do it without having to think about it. You may roll into dog poo, a child would roar with laughter at that.

Pretend play

I'm not suggesting you put a cowboy outfit on - but of course if role play is your thing then go for it! What I am suggesting is children are masters of make believe and they go off to their fantasy worlds, and they believe they are riding unicorns and dragons.bring out the inner child in you We, as adults, could make believe that we're confident when in fact we are very nervous in situations. The more we play at make believe, our minds will think it's real and we will start to actually feel a lot more confident. Our minds are very powerful tools and with repitition we can quite literally change our reality.

Physical play

Exercise, to you and me, but children play football, skipping, tig-tag, but they call it play and want to do it all the time.bring out the inner child in you Can you imagine if we thought of exercise as playing - I should imagine we would be doing it all the time, and we all know the health benefits of us being more active. A family could play rounders in the park, which would be more benficial than sitting at home watching yet another TV soap, and the family has spent quality time with each other into the bargain.

Bring out the inner child in you

Paddle in the sea bring out the inner child in you   Dance in the rain bring out the inner child in you           Get messy bring out the inner child in you

Fair rides bring out the inner child in you        Roll down a hill bring out the inner child in you           Pretend play bring out the inner child in you

                           Physical playbring out the inner child in you

If you have any other ideas on how to bring out your inner child, I would love to hear. Please put a comment below.

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bring out the inner child in you

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