Bucket List

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What is a bucket list?

Quite simply it is a list of things that you want to do before you die. The list is individual to you and won't be the same as anyone elses. There will be similar things that others will have but pretty much guaranteed there will not be another person with a list identical to yours.

Why have a bucket list?

Well if we didn't have one then we could quite easily forget about the things we dreamt of doing, the things that we wanted to do and potentialy llive a life that doesn't meet our expectations. Our lives would not be as fulfilling or as exciting as it could be.

Your bucket list should be outrageous, courageous, exciting and daring. It should excite you and give you great pleasure as you cross things off the list.

Where to start?

If you don't have a bucket list yet and don't know where to start here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Start with simple things that are easily attainable like learn a new hobby
  • If you like the idea of travelling look at parts of the world you would like to visit
  • Think about the things you wanted to do when you were a child
  • Who would you like to meet and spend time with
  • Where would you like to live. What does your house look like
  • What are things that seem to be so far out of reach
  • Are there any extreme sports that you would like to try
  • Be specific if you can eg Bungy jumping in Queenstown, NZ as opposed to just writing Bungy Jumping

Think big. 

Get a list of at least 50 but aim for 100. When ideas come to your mind just add it to your list and when you fulfill something on your list cross it off and celebrate. Don't think too hard about how you are going to achieve everything on your list, just aim towards it. Don't worry about money, time, resources. Pull the list out often and remind yourself of the things you want to do and achieve so you don't forget while also reminding yourself of the things you have achieved so far. And of course, have fun. Lots and lots of fun!

Life is about enjoying the journey, you get to create that journey.

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