Catching Your Negative Thoughts

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Catching Your Negative Thoughts

Catch the ball before it hits the window, beauty of taking action, ball is what our negative thoughts are and glass window is our well being, change he direction of your thoughts, clear intent, emotionally involved, awareness, aware.

Life is so interesting.

When things are going well, we tend to be in flow of everything and don't even notice and acknowledge that everything is going so well. The very minute, something disrupts our bubble of flow, we react! 

This is when positives turns into negatives. Our positive state of mind is disturbed and sudden change upsets us and brings about all the negativity in us. And if we are not careful then these negative thoughts can take over our minds and make our lives miserable.

What do you think will happen if you throw a ball at a glass window. No guesses there! It will break the glass. But if we catch the ball in time, we can prevent the damage from happening.

Now imagine different types of ball thrown at the window. If a small, soft ball is thrown, it might just bounce back with no damage. But try throwing a tennis or cricket ball at the window and you will see it crush the glass into pieces. That ball is what our negative thoughts are and glass window is our well- being. The more stronger these negative thoughts are, the more damage they do to our well-being.

These negative thoughts have a powerful tendency to break our glass of positivity, faith, and trust. But if we catch the ball of negative thoughts in time, then we can prevent the damage from happening and keep our glass of faith, and trust intact. 

That is why, It is vital to change the direction of our thoughts, the moment we notice them straying away. But we all know it's not that easy to just switch from negative to positive. The key is to have a clear intent and then getting emotionally involved with the thought we want to bring to life and following up with that. It definitely doesn't happen in one sitting. It requires our time and attention like any good thing in life.

But the more we become aware of this, the more easier it gets to acknowledge them and give them a direction to focus on.

It might just all seem silly in the beginning but trust me, it works wonders for our well being in the long run. And that long run doesn't have to be years later, we could notice the results of following through with our thoughts even after few times of trying. 

Thats the beauty of taking action!

Our life is in automated mode most of the time. There is very little time in the day that we actually use our brain to think. Our brain has formulated patterns of thinking from our years of growing up in a certain way. The way we have seen our parents and influencers react is what we end up being a little later in our lives. 

It's like hitting a nail in the wall. It does not go in the wall, the very first time we hit it. It takes a few times of hitting the nail for it to go into the wall.

The very same is true for our habits and patterns of thinking. A certain way of reacting has been hitting on our mind like a nail and every time we encounter a situation that we have encountered before, our mind responds the same way. If we want to change our reaction to a particular situation then we need to change the way we think about it first. And that's where it all begins!

So next time you see your ball of negative thoughts going out of control, jump with all your might and catch it before it has a chance to detroy your glass of faith, and trust.

Arsh Bajwa

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