Celebrating 100 Years of Women Vote

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Celebrating 100 Years of Women Vote

6 of February we celebrate 100 years of the success of the suffragettes. Back in 1918, some women got the right to vote but gender discrimination was still part of everyday life. Did you know that...

- Women could not inherit property

- Women were unable to serve on a jury

- Women couldn't open a bank account or get a loan

- Women could be refused service in 'unaccompanied' in a pub

- Women could not become a lawyer or an accountant

- Women didn't have a right to equal pay

- Women were not considered 'a person' in the eyes of the law

- Women couldn't get a court order against a violent husband

- Single women couldn't get a contraceptive pill

- Women didn't really have a choice of having a balanced life

A lot has changed in the last 100 years and there is agreement that we are still working towards changes that can bring an equal and better lifestyle to both women and men. However, I not only celebrate those women that made a huge change a century ago but also I'm thankful to them.

Because today I have a choice of living the lifestyle that I want. Today I can study, today I can work from home and be my own boss to spend more quality time with my family. Today, I can have a choice.

In 2018 the lifestyle that I have chosen allows me to...

Be there for my five-year-old and baby while

Manage my business from home or from my mobile wherever I am.

And having two girls reminds me also of the great responsibility that I have teaching them that the freedom her mum experiences today is not given and was not always available.

The digital economy has given us the additional power of even more choice as women to have a balanced life which wasn't a choice even 20 years ago although there is still more to be done. 

Today, I choose more freedom.

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