Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

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Coincidence or Divine Intervention?


As an accountant my logical side conflicts with my creative and more belief based side. I was shown the power of divine intervention as a young adult and it changed my perspective on the world.


My Nan left me her engagement ring when she passed, (which many family members were disappointed!) I would wear the ring all the time, but remove it for showers and at night for fear of it getting dirty. One night I took off my ring and put it on my bedside table. The ring dropped into the waste basket and I awoke the next day and went on with my life without thinking about it.


I realised I’d lost it later in the day but had no idea when or where I might have lost it. I wracked my brain and searched everywhere I could, devastated that it was missing. Days went by and there was no sign.


In the mean time I’d wrapped up all the bins and put them out for collection.


On the morning of bin day I had an epiphany! OMG it’s in the bin, literally as the bin lorry roles down my road I pulled out the tied bag from my bedroom bin and in it found the ring. I didn’t know it was there and I truly believe, whether it was my Nan or something else, someone was looking out for me and for the importance of the ring to me and my need for that connection to her. I rub it all the time when I think of her or when I need to consult her on something in my mind. To this day I have never taken it off (well apart from when doing Tough Mudder and Rough Runner, but it goes straight back on afterwards!)


So when an Ad popped up and grabbed my attention on a random Sunday morning for the SFM, and when I came to a point where I needed to decide to invest and happened to have the money in an account due to a slight under estimation of the cost of a bricked drive, I knew that I was being shown a different way and I believed that ‘fate’ or ‘divine intervention’ was showing me.


Right Place, Right Time. Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

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