Compact Living - My Small House In Spain, Part 4

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Hi there!

I´m thrilled! It´s not just me who like compact living solutions. I have had a tremendous response to my last blog post. Thank you all for that, makes me truly happy.

So, for those who like me can´t get enough, I will add some more in this post also ;-). 

The kids were free from school today, went to the beach but it was very windy. Got home and I tried to write a blog post but I couldn´t come up with any ideas. I decided to leave it and do something else. 

I ended up doing something creative in my little house, or actually in the garden, a new gate.

I´m not handy at all. I just like to try things without too much planning or thinking. The result is not the best or most handsome but usually, it works and that´s the most important thing for me. 

As you might know, we have 3 Devon Rex cats. Indoor cats in Sweden but her in Gran Canaria there is a fence around the garden which makes it safe for them to be there. This cat breed is especially fond of the warm weather since their fur is different from "normal" cats. Last Winter I made a gate (a baby gate which I put a net on). It´s not beautiful at all but worked fine until the cats began jumping over it... They come back of course but I want them to be only in the garden. 

Therefore I bought a taller "gate" or I made it like a gate.





Now they can´t escape! My cat Emelie doesn´t seem to bother. She is really enjoying life in the sun! :-)

This way I can also use it as wind protection/sun protection and it makes it a little cosier on the terrace. Hmm the problem is just that if I use it this way I still need a new gate for the cats...  


After this, Mattias and I started to go through our shoe cabinets. You see we don´t only use them for shoes. They are perfect storage for paper, pencils, all that kind of stuff you don´t really know where to put. This section is on the right side of our wardrobe.


On the other side of the wardrobe near the door, we store shoes. 


I love the fact that these shoe cabinets are cheap (from Ikea), have a multi-use and also can be used to put storage and decoration on top.

Kevin got a Cars table and chairs from a neighbour the other day. Since we have a small house and always nice weather he gets to play mostly in the garden. He loves his new furniture!!

All for compact living updates for today. 

Just a little reminder...;-) to make sure you haven´t missed the best compact baby stroller there is?! On my way to the beach today.


Then when I reached the beach I just fold it and carried it and the rest of the stuff. You can read more about it here.

All The Best!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer