compassion cures more than condemnation

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Do you feel like you are a victim of your circumestances ? have you not been in charge of your life and everyone is pulling you every where.

Have you just been dwelling about the past instead of thinking about the futue?

is everyone shouting around you and no one seems to listen?

It is such a horrible feeling to be in the victim position _ in the victim state of mind. Always blaming other people for where you messed up. and feeling helpless about it. 

But let me tell you this, we all have our problems in life, and it is our responsibility to take action. but you must be compassionate with yourself. having self compassion cures more than condemnation, you have to recogise  when you are stressed or are struggling do not be judgemental or over-reacting.

Have self kindness by being supportive and understanding towards yourself when you are having a hard time.  rather than being harsh and self critical. 

Remember that you are not alone, do reach out for help . and embrace your struggle because you will definately learn and grow from the experienc you are going through. 

practicing self compassion leads to more happiness optimism, gratitude and better relationshis with others. As a parent I find this very important in my relationship with my children. i try to teach my children that compassion cures more than condemnation, because they make mistakes and so do I. i teach them to be more sympethatic by me being more understanding and sympethatic . I try to teach them by role model. having compassion at home means we are less stressful and less critical about ourselves and about each other, and so it is more peaceful. I try to teach them that self compassionate makes us more resilient and teaches us to bounce back more easily from set backs, and we are suppose to learn from our mistakes grow and move on rather than just go around in circles.

self compassion is a powerful antidote to the selfcriticism and perfectionistic thinking that can lead to stress anxiety and depression.

Making a long story short Compassion cures more than condemnation, be positive instead of critcising yourself step back , take a deep breath and be kind to yourself. Oxygen will definately have a good impact on your brain so you make better decisions. We are learning and growing means we are still alive

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