The greatest evil on the planet is not disease but ignorance!

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There is so much noise in the media at the moment in regards to homeschooling our children and how stressed out everyone seems to be. Trying to keep their children from falling behind or just freaking out as their kids are resistant in following this new educational dynamic!

This article is not about how to get your kids to complete their given workload, or how to stop them arguing with their siblings and it is definately not anything to do with changing your child in any shape or form!

I will be however, looking at the responsibility of parents, schools and other influencers that are shaping the next generation. Yes there is a crisis going on out there which we are powerless to do anything about but are you missing the point..... All that is required of you is withn your own four walls!!



The world that our kids have been used to has completley changed and they will be struggling to understand that. They are also however, smarter than we even realise. They dont need a dictator or boss in their home right now (or ever).... telling them how important it is to do this or that, all they need is you to be present, calm and most of all fun!!    undefined

They will be feeling confused as to why they cant run over to nan and give her a cuddle or why they can only ride their bike in the street for fifteen minutes. Kids are free spirits who want to have the freedom to be "who they are".

Let them have that freedom at home and with their relationship with you. A controlled enviroment is not for their benefit but the baggage we carry within ourselves and societies high accademic expectations dumped on to their backs. 


Its not easy being a parent and especially hard in this lock down. We all lose our shit and no-one should be striving for perfection here. Lets just do the best we can and if your best needs some support and tools, there are plenty available. such as.... mindfullnss guided meditation, beginners yoga, drawing, sleep affirmations ( to positively train our subconcious)  reading and even Qi gong......



You can either get so bogged down with frustration during this lock down or you can embrace it. When will we ever get to experience this time with one another again. Soon enough, it will be back to school /work without learning anything about yourself or your children...... WHAT A WASTE!


The stress in your house hold can be hightened or eased... that is up to you. Children respond to their enviroment and if that enviroment feels like a pressure cooker with parents being bogged down then they will react accordingly.

The questions we should be asking ourselves are..... what can i learn during this lock down and how can the life within our four walls be improved and carried forward in to the new "norm", when we eventually return to our lives!

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