Creationships Part 1

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Creationship Part 1

Okay, last week we spent a lot of time talking about happiness. This week I wanna talk a little bit about relationships, particularly with a concept I call, “Creationships”

 So, we live in a world where a lot of times we see a lot of amazing things. We'd live in a Disney World, "A happy-ever-after" world, and like anybody else, I love to go watch those things, but the reality is I don't believe that relationships just happen.

 We have the responsibility and can create in our lives, strong relationships. That's how good relationships grow over time, that's how you create strong relationships from the beginning, you “Create” Great relationships.
Well, how do you create? What do creators do?

Well, Principle number 1, Separate the Light from the Darkness

I believe that we are beings of light and truth, and so we need to invite into our life, “light and truth.” Correct principles that will guide our decisions.

Now, oftentimes we make lists. We make lists of what we want out of the other individual in our life, that we wanna have a strong relationship with, and we want this, and this, and this. Well, I wanna tell you.

Get rid of the list! Get rid of the list!

The list is for you. That list of things that you want is the character that you need to build in your own life, and if you will build that character in your own life, then it will be attractive to somebody else in your life that also has those same characteristics, ‘like attracts like.”
And so, if you wanna begin to create strong relationships in your life, work on yourself. You're a being of light, invite light and truth into your life. This means, getting really clear on what you want, work on those things, and you can begin to create a strong relationship with somebody in your life.
Okay, Principle number 2, Space and Time

The reality is, is that in many cultures and in many instances, but particularly in sacred texts, there is some sort of a creation story.

And in that creation story, there's a word that is used, the word is “Firmament,” and the word firmament literally is talking about the sky, or the heaven, it really kind of denotes the expanse or a wide extent, in other words, Space and Time.
Now, I want you to think for a moment. After you have invited into your own personal life, light, and truth, now you need to create in your life, time and space for that light and truth to do a couple of things. First and foremost, work on you, so that you can begin to act as we've talked about before on those things and become something in your life. Second, when you're starting to create a strong relationship with somebody, you need to give that relationship Time and Space.
It seems that in the excitement of the beginning of a relationship, we really do that well because we're so excited about our new relationship, we're spending time, we're trying to do things for them. You give it Time and Space, but the reality is you need to do constantly, in creating strong relationships, give the relationship its proper time, its proper space, “all the time, every week, consciously.”

 It's amazing when I talk to people. When I ask them about how much time they spend with each other on a weekly basis, especially, if they've been together for a long time. It's oft times that they kind of let things go in their relationship and spending time and making space for one another in their lives. And so. Principle number 2, Time and Space.
Now, I want you to think about these two things over the next couple of days before I write and do another blog, and that is, you have an assignment.

You need to go do something about this. You need to spend some time writing down characteristics of the things that you want in your life, you wanna invite into your life and become. That's the beginning of creating strong relationships. And if you'll do that and you'll work on yourself, then you'll notice that the relationships around you will get a lot better as you begin to work and focus on the characteristics or light and truth that you're gonna invite into your life.
Now, the other thing you need to do, give your relationships time and space, remember? Time is the new money. How you're gonna spend your time, Time and space. You have to make time and create space in your life to have strong relationships. You have to create time for that other person, because really love is expressed when you are willing to spend time with that other person, and show them that you truly, truly care.
All right, we will talk more, we got a couple of more things to talk about when it comes to creationships, and we'll do that over the next couple of days, and we'll talk to you later.


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