Day 1 of 90: “STOP listening to the Lies of Haters, START to enjoy the Word called Life”.

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Welcome and thank you for jumping on board. For the next 90 Days, I (Ricardo) will have one job and that is to motivate you daily.  Here, you will be inspired by REAL Stories, REAL Struggles and REAL Decisions.

For years, I have tried to entertain people. Getting compliments from others made me feel good about myself. This has let me to be dependent on others. For years, I have done the work of others just to hear that “they could not have done it without me”. Being acknowledged for my hard work felt so good. Nonetheless, it did not make me happy.

Soon I have realized that people’s opinions can change instantly.  One moment people can put you on the highest pedestal. The next moment, people can remove you from it. People can forget about you or hate you for the simplest reason. You could have done a thousand rights, but one wrong overpowers everything.

Out of personal experience, I have decided to let the opinions of people go. The positive opinions of people only last until you make one mistake. First of all, no one is perfect and everyone make mistakes. After your first mistake or wrong, those same positive opinions will be used against you. So why keep on entertaining people? You actually make it worse for yourself. At the end, people will use and abuse your kind-heartedness to their benefit and you will be dependent on their opinions because it makes you feel good. Why do you need others to enjoy YOUR LIFE?

I have made a decision to STOP listening to the Lies (opinions) of Haters. After I have stopped allowing people to use me, I was forgotten and those people never made contact with me again. That means they only stayed in touch for their own benefits and did not plan to return the favor.

After I made my circle of friends smaller, I finally started to enjoy LIFE. Making that decision, made me happy. Today, I can still say that I am happy. Because I have realized that not everyone that you meet, will stay in YOUR LIFE forever. Therefore, I HAVE MADE A WISE CHOICE to LIVE BY SMART DECISIONS.

Thank you, everyone.

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