Day 2 of 90: “Associate yourself with people who has YOUR FUTURE AS THEIR INTEREST”.

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Yesterday, I have touched on a very important topic which was “after I made my circle of friends smaller, I finally started to enjoy LIFE”. By far, this was one of the most important decisions I have made in my life. Not only did this decision make me enjoy LIFE, but it actually made me extremely happy.

Being part of a circle where people honestly shows interest in your future, is one of the greatest feelings ever. These are the people who will stand by your side irrespective of your shortcomings. It does not matter how many times you have fallen, they will ALWAYS be there for you. When you have loose direction in LIFE, they would not judge or make fun of you. In contrast, they would remind you of your vision and point you in the right direction. They would pick you up and walk with you through your toughest journey until you have reached your goal(s). They are the ones who will wait for you at the finish line and truly express how proud they are of you. They are the ones that would not remind you of how many times you have fallen or how many times your attempt was unsuccessful. But they would remind you of how STRONG you were to rise up out of your circumstances to reach your goal(s). They will remind you that you can achieve anything you can put your mind to because you are a conqueror.  

It is important to note that it is extremely difficult to find a circle of friends which have the abovementioned characteristics. A lot of people that we meet are pretenders and wear masks. Behind that pretending and thick masks everything is fake. I have highlighted a few important points about pretenders yesterday. Pretenders want to be friends with you for their own benefits. As long as the friendship benefits them or their needs, they are all in. However, when life gets really difficult and the friendship no longer benefits them and serve their needs they the first to hit the road. It is important for you to know, whom you trust. Do not trust anyone and everyone. Not everyone is in favour or will be happy about your success. Be careful with whom you share your plans with. People are jealous and cannot stand it when you make good progress in life and they are stuck at the same position.

Today’s lesson is that you should “MAKE A WISE CHOICE to LIVE BY SMART DECISIONS”.

Thank you, everyone.

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