How To Design the Life Of Your Dreams.... And Your Wedding

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Can you imagine living the life of your dreams? Truly?Imagine it right now, it's ok theres no-one else here to hear you. You can be as big or outrageous as you want to be. It's YOUR dream.

So, you have your dream all visualized, now it's time to plan and intend it. Put all the meat on the bones of your dream, so that you can feel it, touch it, smell it, enjoy it. Think of it as a project to work on. I used exactly the same principles to arrange my dream wedding. When your life and your wedding is exactly as you want it,through what you planned and intended, imagine the pure joy of achieving it.

Cliff Top Proposal 

We were away on holiday in Devon with my family, when my partner suggested we went for an early morning walk on our own as nobody else was up. We walked along a cliff edge where we have walked so many times before, and with the sea crashing beneath us, he got down on one knee and proposed to me. I shouted out YES! The sea and coast is so very special for both of us, what a perfect way to propose.

design the life of your dreams and your wedding

As much as I truly wanted to get married to my fiancé, I was not looking forward to the planning of the wedding day with the "chicken in sauce" menu provided by a posh hotel, like so many many people do, and quite honestly I've always come away wondering where the bride and groom's personalities were on the day. They seemed to be lost in the ideas of the hotels and wedding planners.

I kept saying "I just want to get married in a field in bare feet," I just wanted to marry my wonderful man. I didn't think it was possible, I thought we had to get married in a church, registry office or by registrars at the aforesaid "posh" hotels.

I wanted simplicity, on American films they seemed to get married anywhere, but I thought it was just fiction.

Light Bulb Moment

Then one day it just came to me! Years previously we had used celebrants to perform my Mum and Dad's funerals.We had used celebrants because both my parents were non-religious and it seemed hypocritical to have religious ceremonies.Design the life of your dreams and your wedding

Even though it was a very sad time for us the celebrants made it feel very personal for us.

Then I had an aha moment when I realised we could use a celebrant to perform our wedding ceremony! I looked into how it could be done. You can have a celebrant to perform the ceremony absolutely anywhere and with any theme. You just have to do the legal signing at a registry office, but you can do that anytime, before or after the ceremony.

I was going to get my dream wedding! It really was going to happen.

Wedding By Design

I wanted a down stated wedding, a sort of "come as you are" affair. I just wanted to get married to the most wonderful man in the world and I wanted my loved ones with us.

So a field it was! We are lucky enough to have nearby small villages that have fields attached to them -Perfect!

Location Location Location

The first hall we planned to see was beautiful - there was even a duck on the lawn greeting us, it was picturesque, quaint and with lots of character. This was the place, I felt it instantly, so no need to see the other's we'd planned to look at.

I was so excited it was all coming together. I was going to get married on the grass in bare feet!

My daughter made reams of bunting to pretty the hall up. The hall was just a basic old fashioned hall, but the bunting and the fresh field flowers made it look very very special. The look was vintage, it was exactly as I had imagined my wedding to be. I had been married thirty years previously, but that was a church wedding with the reception in a pub as that was what people were doing at the time, it just didn't "do it for me."

Design the life of your dreams and your wedding          Design the life of your dreams and your wedding         Design the life of your dreams and your wedding        Design the life of your dreams

Now with being older and wiser and going with what I truly wanted, which I have learnt as I've grown and developed myself.I didn't have to do what everybody else thought it should be, it was for me and my husband.

Planning the wedding got me so excited - the excitement kept me going. This is how our lives should be. Living our lives by design rather than just letting life drift by. How can you get excited just drifting?

Planning my wedding exactly as I wanted gave me the confidence to start an online business and it's helping me to realise my dreams and live my life by design. Can you imagine, just as with me and my dream wedding, how exciting to put your life together. Even the little details can be put in place, because you're truly, truly doing what you want. bringing yourself pleasure in all that you do is liberating and you become such a joy to be around. 

Good things start happening to you as you are raising your feel good levels, your vibrational levels.

Wedding Day 

The day came and because I knew it was going to be wonderful and as I imagined I wasn't nervous. I enjoyed every minute. My fiancé and I went to the registry office in the morning to do the legal stuff.Design the life of your dreams and your weddingThere were just my husband and I, and his parents as our two witnesses. My husband wore jeans and I just wore a summer dress. The nice clothes were kept for later. The field was where I thought the magic would happen, but it was magical in that small ceremony room at the registry office. I cried - I didn't think it would effect me, but when all is said and done, marrying the man of my dreams was what is was all about and I was now married!


The ceremony took place on the field next to the hall. I was in bare feet! Our celebrant made it very personal to us including spiritual references and concluded with a hand fasting. Our love is bound together forever by our binds, binds that were personally chosen by my three daughters and grandson, it was very very the life of your dreams and your wedding

We had a special evening full of dancing, eating and drinking with fish and chips being served. I definitely didn't want the "chicken in sauce" scenario.

Once I knew exactly what I wanted it was so easy to go out there and get it. This is how you can design the life of your dreams. Don't we all deserve to live our life like this?

Then there's our wedding dance, but we'll leave that to another time. 

Design the life of your dreams and your wedding

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Design the life of your dreams and your wedding

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