Does a life of freedom seem impossible?

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” Life became just about work. It got so repetitive to a point where being at work got more comfortable than being at home because I just got use to being in the office.”

~Six Figure Mentors Student Tim Low~

The bondage from working can create a barrier that’ll stop you from financial independence. 

With the burden of working 50 to 60 hours a week. Having a life of freedom can seem impossible. Not doing what you love becomes normal. Feeling like there’s not enough time! However, in reality, you’re losing time.

Trading time for money doing something you're absolutely not passionate about.

Companies throw out safety nets. 401(k), vacation, holiday pay, dental and vision. The goal is to sacrifice your life and make them richer.

Imagine. All of us becoming business owners. Companies would go bankrupt! So they distract us from entrepreneurial-ship in school.

Go to college. Get a degree, work for me. Not being self-taught and work for you.

( Write your own paycheck)

A friend was laid off after 40 years. 40 years of a sacrifice down the drain. After 40 years nothing but, severance pay and unemployment. A middle age man with too much experience. Finding a job is hard.

Job security may be unstable. However, in the Digital World that doesn’t apply. Thank goodness! Having online presence opportunities are limitless!

Here’s the game-changer. If you’re willing to up-skill, furthermore, expand your capabilities. Learn to effectively sell online. You’ll possess a powerful and profitable skill.

Entering the largest market without being an expert is a gift in itself.

Products come and go, but your marketing skills won't. Learn from a proven Digital Educational Platform. Become a CEO from home without a staff! Six Figure Mentors

You don’t need

  • no personal selling, or cold calling
  • no degree in marketing
  • no fancy pants credentials
  • no advanced computer skills
  • no fancy high-powered computer
  • no product or website

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The journey begins with you,

Derek~Digital Marketer

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