Dream Big, the Bigger the Better!

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Dream Big! The bigger the better!

How big are your dreams? Are they grand and extraordinary? Do they make you excited? Do they seem too big?

Why do I say dream big, the bigger the better? Well there are a couple of reasons why I say that.

Firstly - you are worth it! You deserve to have everything that your heart desires.  That car, that house, that family, that great job, that happiness that others seem to have.  You are worth so much more than a mediocre life.  You deserve an extraordinary life so don't devalue yourself. You weren't born to be ordinary and to live an ordinary life.  

If you are struggling with that then perhaps you don't yet know what you are worth.  If this is the case then may I suggest you read a previous blog I did called Design your life - know your worth and start a journey of discovery to finding your worth. 


Secondly - Our God (maybe the universe to you but for me it's God) is a big God.  What might seem to be off the charts and huge to us is only small to him.  He wants to bless you.  He wants to give you the desires of your heart.  Nothing is impossible when he is in the mix.

So dream big! And no matter how big it is it will never be too big.

But how do I get those things that I dream about?

Well I'm glad you asked because things don't just happen without a bit of work going into it. 

Oh no! Work! Yes, work.

Firstly, you need to actually believe that those things that you dream about are yours.  Believe that it is all there for you and it is all attainable.  It's yours for the taking.

Is that all?

Well no. Dreaming big is where it starts, believing is what will drive you but if there is no action then there will be no result. It will just be a dream and nothing more.


Well that depends on what your dreams are.  If you dream of being a writer but don't know how to publish your work then you will need to find a publishing house that will publish your work.

If you dream about being a movie star but are lacking in acting skills then you will need to go to acting classes and learn how to act.

If you dream about owning a nice house, fancy car and travelling the world then you are going to need a good paying job.

If you dream of going on a mission in a third world country you will need to find out how to go about it and make sure you have the funds to back you.

If you dream of working less and spending more time with your children or partner travelling and enjoying life then you will need a great paying job that allows you to have lots of time off.

So depending on what your dreams are there is one constant factor that will apply to most of them and that is money.

Argh the dreaded money monster! Some of us are brought up to believe that money is evil.  But guess what, it's not.  Money is an essential part of life and if treated well can do a lot of good.  In order to bless people you need to be blessed yourself so if you have a pre conceived conception that money is evil then it is time to expel that thought.

So options for getting money are:

Rob a bank - Not something I would recommend at all 

Gambling/casinos - Will lead to a lot of dissapointments as the losses usually outweigh the wins, not to mention people become addicted and will steal to support their habit

Get a job - It's probable you already have a job but are no closer to achieving your dreams

Get a second job - This will bring in more money but at the cost of less time to enjoy your money and life

Start your own business - Great option if you have the drive to make it succeed and you find a business that suits your needs and wants.

So there you have it.

Dream - Believe - Activate

Dream what seems to be the impossible, Believe that it is yours for the taking and Activate with action.

If your ready to take action then click on the link below and start a journey like no other.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I did and I am loving where my journey is taking me and everyday I get closer to my dreams.


Prosper and Purpose.  Do things with purpose and you will prosper. 

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