Embrace Repetition

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Embrace Repetition

Embrace repetition, our love-hate relationship with repetition, air we breathe, food we eat, training our mind

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? if you're anything like me, you go straight to the washroom, brush your teeth, and then head straight to the computer to get some work done before kids wake up.

Now think about the things we do every single day without even giving much thought. When evening comes, we have some kind of evening ritual going on. Even when we haven't planned anything specifically, we find ourselves doing same things, day in and day out. And before we know it, we spend our whole life living like this.  

Unconscious and consistent repetition day after day.

Our Love-Hate Relationship With Repetition 

Then how come when we want to achieve something specific in our lives, our hopes and dreams, we run away from the very thing that can get us the results we want i.e. 'repetiton' and 'consistent action'. We unknowingly sabotage our dreams and they don't get to see the light of the day. 

It's ironical that we strive for routines in our daily lives. Because it brings structure, a sense of knowing.  That if we do things a certain way, at certain time then we know that we can expect a certain result. 

But we are only okay with the routine if it brings us the results we want. If it doesn't or if it seems like it's going to take a bit of an effort we fire off by complaining...it takes too long, who has time, etc...you get the point!

Air we breathe...

Ever thought, how many times a day we breathe in a day. This simple act of repetition is probably the most important we'd ever do in our life and we don't even notice doing it. Do we ever find ourselves complaining then?. We don't even pay attention if we are breathing or not. We don't have to decide whether we want to or need to breathe. We just do it unconsciously.

Food we eat...

Basic act of eating our food takes repetition. We put it in our mouth, we don't gulp it right away. We chew it a few times and then it is ready to go in and be digested. We don't just stop at one bite. We keep eating bite by bite and we automatically stop when our tummy tells us that it's full.

Then why be scared of repetition, when it's time to do something that is so close to our hearts. When it's time to take that very first step and then some more in the direction of our dreams. 

How can we possibly make our dreams come true when that burning desire of ours fades away so easily. Just after couple of setbacks, or unexpected events, our burning desire of achieving that dream is out of the window and we find solace in our comfortable old way of living.

Is it possible to direct our thoughts in a specific direction when our mind seems to have mind of its own?

I say YES, it's definitely possible.

But it's not a quick fix. It's a habit that we need to invest our time and energy in. In a way it brings back childhood memories. It simply involves getting your pen and paper ready and start writing what you want in life in it's purest form.

Don't stress! Instead, direct that precious energy in defining your dream and making it into a goal that would push you and give you a reason to get up in the morning. 

Training Our Mind

Once you set your mind on that specific goal, it's time to shake hands with our best friend 'repetition'.

Coz, let's face it! It's always easy to start something, but most of us fall in that in-between category where we start something with a bang and work for few days or even months and then get side tracked or worst loose our motivation to keep going. We even start questioning ourselves, why we even started in the first place.

How we tackle this restless period is what defines our journey ahead.

I personally write affirmations to keep my mind on track and remind myself that what I am doing has a purpose. The more regularly I do it, the more my mind starts believing in the possibility of me achieving it. It seems in my reach and It makes me feel confident in my abilities to achieve it. It no longer seems silly. My mind starts believing that it's doable, it just needs persistence and consistent effort on my part.

And when I start feeling that certainty, I know I have tamed my mind to work with me instead of working against me. It doesn't pull or resist anymore. It actually pushes me in the direction of my dreams and every time I write my affirmations I strengthen my belief and I take one step closer to fulfill my dream.

I'm feeling so pumped right now. I wish you could feel what I am feeling. I hope this article gives you a push to give your burning desire a chance to come out. If it did, I would love to hear from you.

Pls share with me in comments.

Arsh Bajwa

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