Enjoy Every Moment

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Enjoy every moment.

What does enjoy time mean? Like the above photo shows time can't be experienced twice, it is like the river once the water has flowed passed you can't experience that water again.  Splash in it today. 

I like to go out and enjoy life every day and create moments. I like to live with gratitude. I aim to fully embrace the now and try not to sweat the small stuff. 

As a child, time goes by quite slow but as adults, we find that time flys by and it is often not until we're in a rut, have failing health or lose someone we love that the meaning of enjoying life to the full sets in. Time suddenly becomes a rare commodity that we seek more of. Time, however, has no factor on living a meaningful life. A life with purpose, passion and enjoyment can be learnt. Below are a few ways how to enjoy every moment

  • embracing the now and letting go of the past
  • following your dreams and not your fears
  • learn to forgive, learn to love
  • focus on what you can do and not what you can't
  • step through new doors of opportunity


There is a Chinese proverb - 'Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself'. 

When doors appear, I like to step through them to discover what is on the other side. Most of the time there are fantastic opportunities and experiences to participate in.  

I opened a new door and accepted the 90-day video challenge, which I finished a few days ago. To view the tips I shared on my last video of the challenge click here. It has been fun competing in the challenge and is still fun learning and growing from the experience. 


Are you looking for a new door to open so you can create moments, start a business or develop skills that will enable you to enjoy time doing what you would like; be that more time with family, travel or personal success?  What would that lifestyle be like? How will you obtain that new experience and opportunity?. Here is a video from one of my mentors and trainers that got my attention when I was looking for a way to choose how I enjoyed life.  Could this be the way for you to enjoy every moment your way! 

Have a great day.


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