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  1. Hi I'm Isabel I have daughter I love but I don't have family time with me.because I'm working long hours. known I made decision to change my life to
    spend more family time and work online marketing I can have family time and Travel do things I is beautiful wake up everyday is grace gives to me.             Is very difficult for me my daughter asks me why I work long hours she want to spend time with my family but.   The life is not the way we planned it is difficult I set same time and cry I ask my self way the life is like that.after I friend of my he was talk about the law of attraction I was listening and I asked him for a website name I was watching the law of attraction every day and I saw Stuart talking in the video on add same thing came in my mind I fallow the video for one month he keep coming the video and I made the decision to follow and register to Sfm.know iam doing online marketing and focus in my business and travel the world.
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