Financial Freedom, Mind Changing Thoughts

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Change is hard.

Has fear ever crept upon you? It can be a nauseating feeling or a strangeness that comes suddenly. There is a noticeable difference going from one state to another. It is an uncomfortable feeling. I am thankful for the feeling of moving from one state to another. How else, can we gage the uneasiness? We are such sophisticated beings to have these laws in place, without our ability to turn them on and off.

Moving into financial freedom can cause feelings of uneasiness. However we must pass through or break the barrier in order to attain our goals and move into financial freedom.

About five years ago, I was looking for homes to start my visualization and mind mapping journey into financial freedom and financial abundance.

I started looking at homes with features and amenities that would fit my lifestyle now and into the future. It was my exercise to moving into an abundant lifestyle.

I recall entering into a neighborhood with million dollar homes, and I could tell the difference in the atmosphere. There was a vibe that immediately brought pictures of million dollar deals being done in these homes. I wondered what these people did during the day. Were they self-employed, executives at the large companies or were they entrepreneurs. I envisioned all, they were money makers and trend setters.

I rode through the neighborhood and felt invisible to the home owners.

I had a feeling of not belonging. It was a feeling that I will not forget. It was not fear. It was a feeling of being a third wheel. This was way over my head.

A part of me was saying, this strange feeling came over me because I was noticed by the police. At that point, I knew I needed more personal development. As I have heard Marianne Williamson once say, the earth should feel like your backyard (don't quote me).

My goal is to get in a place that will hold memories and be a legacy. I've often wanted a family home where I am welcomed no matter what age or to clear my head. I know there is a place, but I have to create it.

I thought my parents' home would have been that place, but that did not happen for my family. My parents were quite dysfunctional. They married young and should have done some self-reflecting to improve their relationship with themselves and with one another or just divorced. I often wonder how many people from my parents' generation just settled to remain in a dysfuncational situation especailly women. I digress...

I entered this neighborhood and have not been around such a serene electrifyingc community. I live in a middle class community and have not experienced the vibe I felt in this community. I almost felt like I was intruding into someone's livelihood. I knew this was a good feeling. I just needed to transition into having this vibe around me all the time.

It has taken me about five years to go back to experience the vibe. I no longer feel like a third wheel. I have made progress in my personal development to move into financial freedom. When I went back, I still felt the sereneness, but the feeling of not belonging was not there. This was my gage, knowing I have changed. The negative people around me are gone or minimized.

Now, I know I belong there. I realized what made the difference between now and 5 years ago. I allowed too many negative people around me. You know those are you going to do should have thought about that years's not going to happen in your should have planned this from childhood to attain that...I need you to take care of me and my just isn't a good time...

I have heard many "Can't Do" stories.

Not only can I reach financial freedom, but I belong in prosperity, pearce, happiness, and above all health and so do you...

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