Freedom seekers who found our tribe

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This is us, a family of three, with another baby on the way. Marica, Daniel and our son Pelle so far, we don’t know the little one growing in the belly but we will meet in June. We are passionate about health, food and good stories.

We both come from simple backgrounds in the Swedish countryside, brought up in happy homes but implemented with a belief that money is hard to get. As we grown up and found our own ways in life we met with people with a different approach towards life and money, it comes easy and often. It’s a reprogramming process but as we open up we can see how things fall in to place along our journey. Things don’t have to be hard and life is not a lack of resources if we choose to believe in the good.

We are adventurous minded and restless souls not fitted for the norms of the society always looking the bright side of life.

We started our journey as a couple a decade ago and we have constantly looked for ways to grow as human beings and to find our purpose in life. We found it some years ago and have been working our way towards it since.

Our purpose is to guide and be guided towards our highest potential and to live a life on our own terms, we like to meet likeminded people and learn new things by looking at it from different directions.

We have found a tribe. A tribe of people who are not fitting into the box of the society, people who search for freedom, love and who have a call for to be unique.

Do you respond to any of this? Please come join and enrich our journey and make our tribe grow!

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

Daniel & Marica

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