Get Educated and Bloom Again


We brought our flowers from the deck in the sunroom for the winter months.

The sunroom in the winter months is like a cold storage room with two outside walls. The temperature outdoors can drop tp -30 F. Our skin can freeze quickly at that low of a temperature.

The flowers got a drink of water only two times in the six months last winter and now after bringing them out doors and regularly watering them and  feeding them Epsom salts as a fertilizer, they are blooming profusely and displaying their beautiful colors.

My flowers are so much like people, sometimes we need a rest as do our geraniums.

When encouraged and fed positive thoughts regularly, our mind expands and we as people bloom and grow forever.

We become more beautiful, likeable and easier to be with, just like flowers we can become non judgmental and loving in our everyday lives.

Nature has so much to teach us when we take the time to listen.

All our dreams and goals can become a reality with the knowledge our mentors Jay & Stuart have provided for us.

Sometimes life and business seem like a puzzle, once we get all the pieces in place the flow comes quite naturally.

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