Hobbies - why you should have some

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What are they?  Hobbies are activities done regularly in ones leisure time for pleasure or relaxation.  An activity or interest pursued for pleasure.

I remember as I was growing up both my parents had hobbies.  They both had their own things that they enjoyed doing and would spend their spare time on.  My mum enjoyed weaving, sewing and art and my dad enjoyed stamps, making things and gardening.  This was normal in our home and I thought nothing of it.

My dad would tell me to make sure that I had some hobbies so that I don’t get bored when I retire. Retire? That was sooooo far away that I wasn’t going to worry about that while I was still a kid and had my whole life ahead of me.  

My dad has been retired for 30 years now and he has never been bored. In fact he said he was busier than ever when he retired. He was busy doing things that he loved.  His hobbies have kept him alert, content and alive and he wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't for his hobbies.

So why am I writing about this?

Well, I came to realise that not everyone has hobbies. And there are many out there that don't even know what a hobby is or why we should have them. So, I am here to encourage you to get some hobbies.  Try something new and see if you enjoy doing it.  There is bound to be something that you have been wanting to give a go but just haven't got around to it. Whether it be stamp collecting, painting, spoon collecting, knitting......gosh it could be anything at all.  You will know it's for you if you get pleasure out of doing it.

And just remember, hobbies are done for pleasure and in your leisure time. They're not what you do for work every day, however, it is possible to turn a hobby into a job but there is a risk of losing your love that you had for your hobby if you do this. 

Find something that you enjoy doing and make it your hobby, that way you won't be bored when you retire. 

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