The importance of a clearly defined workspace

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Your home office needs to be a clearly defined workspace

It is very important to have a clearly defined workspace where you can put all your work stuff when you work from home. Somewhere where you can get in the zone and put on your work hat. When you get up in the morning to go to the office you need to be able to clearly walk into your workspace.

You also need to have a place for all your papers and files. You need a dedicated workstation that ideally doesn’t double as a “play” computer for the family. If this happens you will always feel your space is being invaded.

When you walk away from "work" at the end of the day, being able to close up the office is important too or you will always pulled towards checking one more email.

Your home office needs to be a clearly defined workspace.
Here are some suggestions for making the space your own:


Space in a room that can be shut up when you are not there. 

Separate room.  

Office in an out building


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