How A Grandmother Found Her Work-Life Balance

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What's Important To You?

People often ask me what is important to me and I will always say my family. My family are the reason why I started an online education, so that I may provide a better quality way of life for my family and I.

I was a single parent for many years and the well-being and happiness of my children was always important for me, so I took low paid, unskilled jobs so that I could fit in looking after my children around my working life. Childcare costs were out of my reach, so it was a case of having part time hours in school time or evenings so my mum could help out also.

The Difficulties

I know there are many many women that have the same struggles. We, as mothers, are torn between bringing a wage in and spending quality time with our children. 

I always thought you couldn't have it all. I thought you couldn't spend quality time with your children as well as being financially secure or even with abundance. 

A few years ago I met and married a wonderful man, and things weren't so hard for me, but I was still in a unskilled and low paid job - so I could still fit around my family. I thought that I'd been so long in that situation that there's no way life could change for me workwise.

Then the Grandchildren came along! Well they are such a joy.I have two grandsons, one is five and the other grandson is one. They are so funny and so lovely to be around . I get so much from spending time with them.

find work life balance

When my eldest grandson was born, I promised my daughter I would help her with childcare, as my mum did for me when she was little. I wanted to help my daughter and her husband who were struggling themselves with the extortionate cost of chidcare.

I got a job that enabled me to have Fridays off so that I could have my grandson one day a week. I absolutely loved these days, they were just so magical. My daughter went on to have a second son and again I said I would do the same because I just felt that it was something for me to do to help my daughter back into work.

It was all working well until my workplace announced they would be cutting my hours. I looked around for other jobs, and there were no other jobs out there that enabled me to keep to my Friday childcare.

The Solution

That's when I went online and I was looking for something that could, initially, make up my hours that I was going to lose in my job, and I would still be able to look after my grandsons. I came across a system where I could learn how to start my own business online and the beauty was the system is so easy to navigate and I could earn whilst I was learning.  ow to find your work life balance

After delving deeper into my online education I realised how wonderful it was and I could see how I could actually "have it all," and still spend quality time with my family.

Finally a Work Life Balance

Earlier this year, my grandson's school had a Mother's Day afternoon tea. My daughter couldn't go, so my grandson sent me an invite for me to go along for the celebration. I said I would love to go.

When I got there, my grandson was waiting eagerly for me. He was so excited to see that his nanny was there. He came up and showed me to the table and he served me biscuits, cakes and sandwiches. He absoutely loved it! He loved doing it. I felt so proud and so to find your work life balance

At the end of the afternoon my grandson came up to me and he put his little hand in my hand and he said "thank you Nanny for coming"

I said I wouldn't have missed it for the world and I truly truly meant it.I am so blessed I can have the time with my grandsons. It's just so magical and to know that everything's going to be okay financially is just an amazing feeling.

What's important to you? I know what's important to me.

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