How do entrepreneur spirited employees escape their 9 to 5?

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Here we go again. Where are we going? Back to work again, for an eight hour shift which makes up our forty hour work week. 

Sounds like freedom? Not exactly, more like a mandatory action taken to be compensated. Some of us receive medical benefits and pensions if we complete our 20+ year commitment.

Imagine working 25 years and when you receive your pension, you still need to get another job afterwards to help with bills.

Does this sound ideal? Not really, ideally we would have a lump sum of money deposited into our accounts automatically based off of work we've previously done. 

Is that even possible? Yes, the answer is called SFM. 

What is SFM? It stands for six figure mentors. 

Let us tell you a story about how we met our six figure mentors. 

Anyone can quit their job. It's not that hard to do. All you have to do is fill out a resignation letter and fax it in. 

But why quit a great paying job with a great schedule? Because we found a reliable source that can produce more cash and provide us with an even cooler schedule! And most importantly, we are happier!

Here's how it happened. 

Ond day while at home. We decided to listen to one of our favorite speakers on YouTube named Abraham Hicks. Before our video came on, an ad came up and when we went to skip it, we couldn't because it was too interesting. 

Why couldn't we skip it? What was being said that was so interesting?

Well, we had just finished reading another book called, The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki. It was very informative and inspiring and made us very interested in becoming business owners and investors. 

So our eyes have been vigilant for oppurtunities presenting themselves and then the ad came up. It sounded like a perfect chance for us to gain more knowledge on becoming business owners and investors. 

So we clicked it and that is when our transformation began. Just by listening to a free video we were officially taking our first steps to becoming business owners and investors. 

A few months passed and our journey began to unfold with SFM in incredible ways.

Long story short. We both resigned from our city jobs, fire department and St. Josephs Hospital. We got married and went on our honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica for a week. When we came back, life continued to fall into place. 

We paid our car in full and we moved into a bigger apartment with extra rooms and a backyard. We positioned ourselves with a worldclasss business and then leveraged my wife Barbara's natural ability to sew, to start our own clothing line!

After watching that free video and obtaining the knowledge it offered, we have been applying the techniques we learned. Life has been good and this is why we are sharing how us entrepreneur spirited employees escaped our 9 to 5s. 

Thank you for reading and don't forget to click on the orange button before you go. You will receive SFM's extraordinary online business startup bundle and it is for free. 

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