How do you imagine your life to be when you retire from work?

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This looks like a billion dollar question that will either frighten or strenghten you, depending on where you are at right now. Its a question that will keep you on check, taking proper consideration of different aspects of our life that we have not yet considered as important. I personally love to be confronted with questions. They automatically point me to the right direction as soon as I face them. 

There are lots of things we will really love to do when we have the time, the strength and the financial means to do them. But there seems to be some limit either at the level of our thinking, or we take our reality so seriously, and belief that its the way it is, and tell ourselves we can only do certain things when......And so we tend to live life by default, just the way things are, and have always been. 

It all starts with a realisation that self-development is the foundation. Getting to know that inorder to fully engage in your role as mother, wife, grandma, or career woman( these are just examples of roles we take up as individuals, am not talking to women only), you need to be self-aware. You need to be standing in a place that you are fully grounded as an individual, before you can take care of others. Running a smooth home and family is simple, but not easy at all. A job or business that gives you ample time and freedom for self-development is of utmost important. I personally recommend a home based business that will enable you break free from the hurdles of traffic, needing to take your morning coffee on the go like I used to do, leaving my kids while they are still sleeping and leaving notes of instructions for them on the table and so on. 

Such a guilty feeling that leaves me with an unstable mind, thinking about them while at work, not beeing so present there at work, not being at peace with myself and dreading my job which is where we pay the bills from. Being engaged as an Entrepreneur at this point in time is giving me the freedom I so wished for. Having Businesses online using the Internet is such a great way to live in this day and age. I started this journey with no special skills in Online Business, but I now understand that there is a different way to live, once you embark on the journey to Self-Discovery.

If this decision is made early enough, there will be no panic about retirement, because then you have been your own Boss, writing your own pay-check, living the life of your passion, and becoming each and everyday the best version of yourself.

That said, if this message rings your bells, connect with me here, or to my website, and we could get this conversation rolling, and together become the better versions of ourselves daily, and thereby making the world a better place to live in.


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