How is to be always on the road as a truck driver?

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What can I say? To be a trucker it is not so easy as many people think!undefined

Life on the road
To be always on the road can be incredibly difficult. You have to stay focus all the time. Whilst you are behind the wheel of 44 tone vehicle and 16,5 meters long you have to stay connected, there’s no room for mistake. You must pay attention to everything is surrounding you at every step. The road is full of unconscious drivers, who don’t care about you and your size. This lack of respect is very frustrating for me and for all the truck drivers. But you can’t do anything about it. You have to stay calm and be patient.
In this industry, you have to punctual and the time is your first enemy.               Everybody wants you to be on time, but they don’t care if you stuck in traffic for hours because of an accident, the adverse weather conditions are slowing you down, or because you run out of driving time on your tachograph.undefined

Eat, sleep and take care of yourself while you’re on the road.
First of all, when starting your journey, you have to know that for the amount of time you’ll be travelling, the truck cab will be your comfortable home. So you have to start by preparing everything as put nice and clean bedsheets, clean towels and clothes, fill your cab fridge with food, fill your tank water and check again if something is missing so in case you will have to stop, doesn’t matter where you’ll have everything you need. It happens often to stop in places where there are no services and you have to be prepared.
How do truck drivers eat? Well, most of the times you’re having a quick sandwich behind the wheel while you’re driving so this way you’ll save some time and you’ll be punctual at the customer, but sometimes by the end of the day you can stop in a truck stop for dinner and enjoy a hot meal.
What about sleeping? Several times it happened to me to park up in the middle of nowhere and stay there overnight. Is not such a beautiful feeling knowing that at any moment you can have “uninvited guest” wanting to rob you or to steal fuel or goods! You have to be ready to wake up any time, and this doesn’t allow you to have a well rest.
Taking care about yourself can be as well difficult because as I said before it happens to do not have access to facilities, so the only shower you can have in this situation is to clean your self with a couple of wet wipes.
Now imagine if you want to use the toilet!
How hard it is to stay away from your family?
It’s very emotional when you leave the warmth and affection of your family, but unfortunately, you have to sacrifice yourself in this instance so they can have a good life with anything missing on the table. Let’s see the good part! Nowadays with the technology we have, we can stay in touch easily and that makes us feel closer!
What involves to be a truck driver?
Your first responsibility before you start your journey is to complete your vehicle checks: oil level, water level, windscreen liquid, lights, air leaks, tyres and brakes, etc;
Loading and unloading the vehicle makes part of the job as well and the load has to be secured. Most common way to secure your load is to use straps and ratches. For those who are working on a flatbed trailer, they have to cover their self the load with heavy waterproof sheets and tie them with rope by hand but it depends on the load.
And of course, after all of this, you have to be on time as well.
In my opinion, I would say yes and I recommend it as a career path for other people. You can easily earn up to 30K £ a year as a trucker and this amount of money motivates a lot of people to go to the driving school and get the license, but I think before the money you have to like this job. Sometimes
people start certain jobs only for the money but then after a while, they wake up hating what they’re doing.
This lifestyle is not for everybody, but if you love to travel and you don’t have a problem in being a “lonely wolf” this can be a beautiful job especially if you’re a truck passionate.
I am a truck passionate and after only 3 years of doing this, I still enjoyed as on the first day and I’m proud of my choice! Being a lorry driver in the Uk
gave me the possibility to find “the perfect job” in this sector, I mean the job that suits exactly to me. I wanted to be everyday home, enjoy my family and follow my passion as well. I can say that I found the way to combine both and I’m happy! That’s the most important thing in life, to be happy!

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