How to get more energy

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Are you aware of the SIGNALS your body gives you, to tell you when you are not in balance? Because your body is very wise, and always tells you when something is not right.


For many years I ignored the signals my body was screaming out. I was so busy with work and kids and kept on with the unhealthy stressing life that just added on new tasks along the way. I suffered from headaches, migraines, lack of energy etc. that just got worse. Until the day I hit the bottom, with stress, anxiety, depression etc. and there was no energy left. That's what happens if you continue not listen to your body's signals of overload. 

On the drawing below you can make an overview over your energy, and find your balance to prevent to hit the rock bottom. The black line shows the level of energy you need every day to fulfil your daily tasks at work, at home and in your spare time.



  • When your energy-level is above (green line) the "Level of energy you need to fulfil your daily tasks", your health is strong, you feel happy, excited, content etc. 
  • But if your energy-level is below the "Level you need to fulfil your daily tasks" (red line), you will feel exhausted. If you are under that line for a long period of time you will get both physical and psychological symptoms. You might experience pain, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression or a lot of other symptoms. Often you will take medication to keep away the pain.


It is normal to experience sometimes with lots of energy and sometimes with little energy, and there is no risk of health. You will find the balance if you have more good +days with lots of energy, than -days with lack of energy. And the good news is that YOU HAVE THE CONTROL of how to create that.


  1. Write down wich SIGNALS and symptoms your body gives you when your energy is low. Listen to your body. Do you take any medication to make the pain (physical or mentally) go away for a while?
  2. Eliminate some of the strains that drain your energy and narrow the hole.
  3. Fill up with energy. Ad more of the things that give you energy to your daily living. 

This was what gave me the overview to make the important changes in my life, getting more ENERGY, TIME and FREEDOM. If you found this useful and want more inspiration to make the important changes in YOUR life, make sure to follow my post.

 Wish you a pleasant day with lots of good energy.