How To Get What You Want:
 Ask Yourself 7 Questions

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Do you know how to get what you want? It’s almost like asking, “Do you have a genie in a bottle?” I mean, if you REALLY knew how to get what you want, you probably would be the richest, healthiest, happiest person alive! Right? You DEFINITELY would not be reading about getting what you want. Many of the teachings I have come across and tested seem counterintuitive. Whether or not you believe in what I say has no effect on the results these lessons will provide you. What is important is that you let go of your own beliefs for the moment.

If figuring out how to get what you want was not important enough to you, and if you weren’t determined enough, you wouldn’t be here reading this. Take the following questions and ponder them for as long as you need to. There is no sense in traveling 1 million miles per hour, if you’re headed in the wrong direction. In fact, it’s better to not move at all until you have learned your direction in life. This does not mean sit around and do nothing. This means that your assignment is not to get what you want (yet), but is first to establish exactly what it is you want.

The list of “mind-heart” questions below will assist you in guiding yourself in learning exactly how to get what you want. You will receive many insights through allowing the following (seemingly irrelevant) 7 questions to be your guide in getting what you want.



When you get an open wound on the surface of your skin, what do you do?   COVER IT UP.

LESSON: Cover up the wounds of the past. Cover them so that they heal, just as would an open skin wound so that it does not become infected. Acknowledge the scars you have, but never dwell on them.


What do you get when you squeeze an orange?   ORANGE JUICE.

LESSON: What comes out is what’s on the inside. No one controls your thoughts, emotions, or actions besides you. No one can effect your emotions without you giving them permission. No one can anger you unless you have anger IN you. Increase your value by investing in yourself so that you become a different person from the inside out. This will bring about your desires much faster than any external actions you can take.



LESSON: Knowing is has more power than believing. You cannot “know” something without having experienced it yourself. “Belief” comes from someone else’s thoughts/experiences. You will not have 100% faith until you “know”. Belief is not enough. Live your life by living it instead of thinking about it. It’s the only way to uproot all of the beliefs that are not serving you.


Do you want what you believe you want OR do you want whatever will make you happy?   IT”S YOU VS. GOD.

LESSON: They aren’t the same thing. What you believe you want is a derivative of the ego and often will not make you happy at all. The mind/ego/intellect is blinded what stands in front of it. Only the higher-self sees the past, present, and future of all things.


Would you rather be right or happy?   IT’S EGO VS. HIGHER SELF.

LESSON: What the ego wants is usually only beneficial to you, while what the higher-self wants is beneficial to the entire universe. The only way to communicate with the higher-self is to calmly quiet the chatter of the ego.


Which makes you happier: receiving or giving?   GIVING IS RECEIVING.

LESSON: Giving is the bringer of and a sure sign of success and happiness. Anytime you give from the bottom of your heart, you are doing so because you have received. All universal energy comes from one source. In order to give energy in any form, be it physical gifts, emotional support, etc.,  you must have first received the energy. The gifts you give to the world are gifts you have already received. Therefore, giving is the natural tendency for someone who is happy, because happiness is an abundance of positive energy which you pass on to others when you give. Because you are made up of energy, the more you give, the more you will receive — as long as you give from the heart.


Remember that guy that gave up?   NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE.

LESSON: Persistence beats resistance. Those who get what they want aren’t any smarter, faster, taller or stronger than you. They have problems just like you. They just spend a lot more time with their problems while most people run from their problems at first sight of them. Winston Churchill once said, “When you are going through hell, keep on going.” Shift your direction if need be. But never ever give up!


In order to know how to get what you want, you must figure out what you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT. The 4 “really’s” equate to the "4 Levels of Desire":

Level 1: “I wish”— You have had flashes of ideas and thoughts about what it is that you want.

Level 2: “I desire”— You have asked yourself and the universe how can you get what you want.

Level 3: “I intend”— You have taken planned action with intent to get what you want.

Level 4: “I have passion”— You have now prioritized and obsessed over what it is you want. It consumes you.

The hard work in knowing how to get what you want is not in getting what you want, although that will take some effort in and of itself. The hardest work is done prior to knowing exactly what you want. Most people have no clue what they want. Do the hard work to figure out what you truly want and you will immediately KNOW how to get what you want! I promise.

Don’t just believe me. Give up your beliefs for just a moment, since they have not been serving your true desires thus far. Learn how to get what you want by deciding first exactly what you want. Guide yourself to getting what you want by asking yourself the questions above and by using “The 4 Levels of Wanting” to evaluate your desires. Without knowledge of self, you will forever chase objects of desire that only fulfill your temporary lust.

If financial freedom is one of your true desires, I would truly recommend you take a look at a new way of achieving it, if you have not already done so. If you could master online marketing, you would have the ability to monetize whatever it is that you have passion for. If spirituality is at the top of your list, I would recommend you take a look at an inspiring film by Dr. Wayne Dyer titled “The Shift”. Thank you for reading, and may you find all the things which you are searching for on your journey to your fulfilled desires!!!

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