How to Quit Your Job (Part 2)

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In the part 1 of our series on how to quit your job, I posed three important questions that you should take time to answer when considering quitting your job. As a reminder, the first question is what kind of job do you do? The next question is do you love your boss enough to be friends outside of the workplace? The third question is why do you want to quit your job and what would be the next step after quitting your job?

If you have answered those questions with much thought, you will definitely have no trouble leaving your job. And, if you are still not too sure whether or not you are making the right decision to quit your job, you probably want to learn about some undeniable signs that it is about time you quit your job.

So, What Are the Signs That You Should Quit Your Job?


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been working with a company or have been in an industry for four decades, you may discover that you are seriously entertaining the thoughts of leaving your job.

The truth is, it is usually not easy trying to decide whether or not to quit a job. In fact, you will often feel frustrated trying to figure out where the decision will eventually lead you to. Identifying some undeniable tell-tale signs that confirm it’s time to quit can help make the decision process an easier one for you.

Here are 6 undeniable signs that it’s time to quit your job;

#1: You No Longer Find Fulfillment in the Job

If you were never fulfilled, or no longer find fulfillment in your job no matter your achievements and even the pay, it is a serious sign you should consider quitting. It may even be that you hated the job from the beginning but just needed to take it up as a stepping stone to where you desire to be. So, if you’ve come to that point where it feels more like a burden and you need to muster a lot of courage to work each day, then it’s time to say goodbye to your job.

#2: No Advancement Opportunities

Advancement helps provide fulfillment in a job. If your present job poses no advancement opportunity or simply does not recognize qualified persons when advancement opportunities come up, it is obviously not the right job to continue to hold on to. You will likely find better offers elsewhere than you would continuing to be stagnant while holding on to your present job.

#3: Unbearable Superior   undefined

Your boss has no right to dehumanize or harass you just because he’s your superior. If it seems like you are always arguing with your boss, or he’s always looking for every opportunity to victimize you, it’s an obvious sign that you may suffocate if you don’t relocate. Bad relationships with superiors at the workplace can increase stress and take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. It will even affect your relationship with your loved ones outside of the workplace.  

#4: Your Heartbeat Skips at the Thought of Mondays

If you feel like weekends should not come to an end and Mondays should never come, you are seeing a clear sign that you are fed up with your job. In fact, in this case, you end up not having a swell time during the weekends because you are preoccupied with the dread of going back to work on Monday.

When you find yourself obsessed about the negative aspects of your job and never the pleasant aspects, it’s a sign that you are not just tired of the job, but you’re near to hating it. And, if you don’t quit as soon as possible, you may be at risk of something worse. According to experts’ view, always getting sad at the thought of going to work may result in depression and could promote substance abuse. If this is your case, then you should be thinking about how to quit your job.

#5: Your Health is Affected

Using your health to make your wealth will lead to using your wealth to recover your health. In fact, your wealth may not even recover your bad health depending on the severity of the damage that your job has exerted on your health.

A bad work situation can lead to constant health issues such as increased stress, leading to frequent migraines and other symptoms of bad health. Do not think twice about quitting your job if your health is increasingly impacted in a negative manner.

#6: Increased Boredom undefined

It could be that you were once excited about your job and found it challenging. But, right now, everything about the job bores and irritates you. The task you once could’t wait to handle now makes your mind numb. You now yell at customers you once spoke to with respect and admiration. These are all undeniable signs that you should number your days at your present job.

So, what next after identifying these undeniable signs that you should quit your job? Follow up on our next post – How to Quit Your Job Part 3. If you have already decided to quit...

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