If You Are Not Embarrassed By Your First Version

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If You Are Not Embarrassed By Your First Version Of Your Product, You've Launched Too Late.

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I read this quote by 'Reid Hoffman' recently. I couldn't help but realize how much truth this quote holds. 

No matter how different we are, we can all relate to each other at one common ground. We all face inhibitions and insecurities when we start something new. Those self-doubts of ours are at their best especially when we muster all our strength and try to do something that we haven't done before.

Thoughts of uneasiness, doubting our ability, making a fool out of ourselves easily make their way to crush our self-confidence. We seem to be paralyzed thinking about all the 'what-ifs' scenarios in our head. And those what-ifs scenarios always seem to be the worst case scenarios. I don't think anybody could ever escape from it.

In my observation, we as a society has slowly moved into this perfectionism state where everything we do have to be perfect, there is just no other way! The concept of 'learning as we go' has become a novelty. Like in our working world, there are only two ways to make a living. Either you work for someone else, OR you work for yourself. Either way, you are being judged!

If you go for a job interview, you are being judged by how well you already know about the company and the job that you are applying for. If you are an entrepreneur, you are being judged for how well you know yourself, your market, your competition, your business strategies, your short term and long term goals. I mean, the list could be endless!

And what ends up happening is that we exhaust ourselves in the preparation stage only. By the time the big day comes, we are still thinking about how we can make it better OR worse how could we have done better all this while. There is nothing wrong with fiercely preparing yourself for every possible scenario, but it is absolutely necessary to NOT lose your drive and passion along the way.

Often times, when we wait until too long to do something, things that are beyond our control change as well. New laws come in that might change how business used to be done and how it would be possible now. New competition comes in. Your personal life could come up with something that needs your attention, and you might not be able to give the time your business/work requires. I mean there could be gazillion things that could happen.

If you have done it once, you can do it again!

Just imagine, you put hours of work in preparing this delicious meal. You have searched for a perfect recipe, put in finest spices, cooked it to perfection. You have plated it beautifully. It looks so appetizing. This is your best presentation of your life.

And now it's so perfect that you don't even want to take a bite and ruin your presentation. You mustered the strength and took a bite out of it, it is so delicious. But now you don't want to mess with how beautiful it looks. Instead of enjoying your epic creation, you are more worried about ruining it. You must be thinking, what nonsense! If you could make it once, you could definitely make it better next time. It's so much easier to understand the concept here, but when it comes to getting on with our biggest dreams and desires, we tend to hesitate.

So what's the best time to go for something your heart desires, you ask?

When you are ready with your first version!

It might not be perfect, but it is in work in progress You can hone your skills and product along the way. You can learn as you go. And when you look back at your journey, you will feel the growth, and that's what makes you feel good about your journey.

How many times we set big goals for ourselves, sacrifice everything for achieving those goals and often times we even achieve them. But sometimes it leaves us with an empty feeling, what's next? What now? 

Success is not just all about achievement, it's about fulfillment as well. As Tony Robins explained in one of his interviews, success comprises of two components - science of achievement, and art of fulfillment. Both of them needs to be in the balance for us to actually enjoy our success when we actually come to that stage.

I feel like I came out with a revived mindset while writing this blog post. It feels so good.

And I hope I rubbed off this good feeling on you as well and that it gives you the confidence to see your first version as your best one, so you don't doubt yourself but be proud of yourself for making progress.

What I found on my educational journey that allowed me to step into this new mindset has really made the difference for me. Fulfillment may be the key, however, it starts perhaps with education. Great gratitude to my coaches for guiding me along this path.

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