Intervention In Relationships

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Have you ever been in a loving relationship, where you are very close as a couple, you are open and honest with each other it seems.

You will have the disagreements as all other couples but you easily resolve your issues between the two of you. 

You have been together for a long time and were friends before you became a couple.

The Hurdle
But then you hit a hurdle and completely disagree on an issue such as having one or two children.

As a woman you want to have two kids so they can play with each other and grow up as friends.

You grew up in a home where there were three of you girls and are very close and you want the same for your children.

However your spouse only wants one child, children are expensive he says! Why have so many how can we afford them, he says.

and it means we must move to a bigger house and more bedrooms no, he is very comfortable with the the current environment, all his shops are close by and the gym and besides he just walks to the office.

The current living space
You live in a small apartment which he lived in before you got married so he is very comfortable in the neighborhood! And he doesn't want to make the change. 

undefinedThis was his bachelor pad now turned into a family home of 3 people, there is no breathing space for you and the child.

Your clothes and shoes are in boxes somewhere there is no space for you in the limited cupboard space.

The child

Having one child in the two bedroom apartment is a stretch already why have more.

This is tearing you apart because you want more children and a bigger house but he just refuses point blank.

You want to buy a bicycle for the child, but there is no space for them to even ride it! The first floor apartment does not have enough space. Besides the neighbors are already complaining about the noise from your child playing toys on the floor.undefined

The intervention

You have brought this up on so many occasions and he flat refuses. You have even looked at other houses in the same neighborhood that seem reasonably affordable.

Given him the brochures and he does not even want to look at them.

So the best thing you can do is call his parents for an intervention, they speak to him and he refuses, your parents also try nothing he won't budge.

The next best thing you can do is sign the lease and move out if he wants to join you then he will if not, you will live in two different houses!

This is not ideal living arrnagement for the family but right now all you know is you have to find a solution for the problem and this seems the only way.

At such a crossroads, how would you deal with the matter? Please leave your comment below.

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