Is being a Mumpreneur your thing?

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Is being a Mumpreneur your thing?

Well, here goes... this is my very first blog post!  Here's hoping I can help you choose the right path and skip the countless hours of Googling what options you have!


I'm a brand new Mumpreneur of 3 and am not a creative person whatsoever so I found this really, really hard to do, no idea where or how to begin.  It's completely out of my comfort zone!  Yes, I have been through a lot of fantastic training (thank goodness!) but alas, I still had to come up with my own idea for my first blog post.

I have just started my journey to a new digital life with the goal of creating more time and financial freedom so that I can have what most of us tend to only dream of... lots more time with my husband (who I'd like to retire) and beautiful children, time to ride my horse, holidays, coffee catch-ups in the middle of the day, I could keep going but you get the picture, right!

I was one of those people who dreamt of these things for so long, years in fact, before I actually bit the bullet and went searching for something that I could do from home around my baby girl (my other two are at school).  Did I feel a bit guilty about it?  Absolutely!  I wondered if I was being selfish, wanting something to do for myself, but there's only so much housework, bookwork and baby-talk I can do in a day!  I also didn't want to get a "job" and have to put my baby in day care and miss out on all those milestones.

Does my story sound like yours?  Maybe you're in a similar situation, wanting to change your life but not knowing where to begin, or what's even out there and is actually real.

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It's a great idea (and yes, I did this) to sit down with a pen and paper and write down everything you want to achieve in your life:

·         Where do you want to be a year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now? Twenty years from now?

·         What places do you want to visit?

·         What makes you happy?

·         What material things do you want?

·         How do you want to help others?

·         How much money do need to earn to do/have all these things?

Ask yourself these questions then take a look at your life now.  Are you on the right path to achieving any of these?  Is being a Mumpreneur (or Dadpreneur) an avenue you're willing to explore? 

Remember this:  If nothing changes, nothing changes...

Follow me as I embark on this new journey!

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