Island Girl in the Real world - Hardship or lesson?

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Do we naturally encounter hardship or do we just make bad decisions?

I look at the times I've embraced new love, full of laughter, passion and limitless.  Sooner or later, everything unravels.  We find out the truth.  And a lot of the truth hurts.  It makes it impossible for you to have a relationship, a future.  It destroys everything you thought you would be.  But why do we continue in that relationship?   Why stay with someone that cheats?  Why stay with someone married?  Why hang on to someone that obviously does not love you?  

Or look at it this way?  You love your job, you get everyhting done,  you do what needs be, but you're getting the pay cut,  you're not eligble for promotion because your boss hates you for some reason, you have bills to pay and you've just got a better offer at another office.  But we as humans we think we have something to prove.  So we stay.  Is this not a decision we made?

We need a car.  really need a car.  But I don't want anything old, I don't want people to think I'm poor, it does not look nice.  So i take out a finance for a car four times my annual salary.  Decison or natural?

We make decisions everyday.  I made decisions.  I look back and cry.  But when I lift my head and think, do I use my mistakes to bring harship or to bring value and teach me?  

My hardship is but an aftershock of my bad decision making.  My repitious life is but a continum of my making the same decsion over and over again. 

May our hardship bring learning and change, and then, only then will our decisions bring creative thinking.

I am sorry for everyones hardship faced today, whatever it may be.  May you find enclouragement to embrace change my dear friends.

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