A Different Lifestyle!

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The days here in Gran Canaria pass too fast. Does time flies by when you have fun? Probably, but it´s also another life here which is more social than in Sweden, during the Winter. You do want to spend time with friends here, friends and family visiting from Sweden, work, studies, go to the beach with my kids and more. 

When the hours of a day aren´t enough, something has to be put back... For me, it´s been my studies. I realise I have to be more structured with the valuable time I have when the kids are in school.

To be able to study and work wherever I want and whenever I want is such a privilege. That is the best thing working in this digital world but also the biggest challenge for me. You are almost always reachable for others through social media and you do want to give people a fast response. Also, the fact that I love what I do make the structure and setting limits even harder.

Knowledge of the challenges you may go through as a digital entrepreneur is a good thing to have. If you are aware of this, you also can work with it actively. 

I live in a tourist area which means most people who are here are on holiday. I´m surrounded by a holiday atmosphere which is great. People are so nice and relaxed. For a family, living our everyday life here, it´s sometimes like two different worlds meet. If you see that as a good thing, it´s going to be a good thing.

Like the other day, just another Wednesday evening. The kids went to bed at 20,30. The pool bar/restaurant (which is very close to our house) had a barbeque evening with live music and lots of people. I can either be annoyed over the loud music and start worrying the kids won´t be able to sleep or wake up, OR I can enjoy the good music while sitting on my terrace. Guess what I did?! :-)

All The Best!!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer 


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