KENT - When You Are A Real Fan!

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Do you have a passion for something? I do, as you might know by now. ;-)

I love living my passion as in "living my digital lifestyle"; study and working in my digital business. One of my biggest interests is compact living and I intend to develop my business in that area.

My husband has his own interests and one of his greatest passion is music and Sweden's most famous rock band Kent. He has been on several concerts through the years but now the group will retire after 26 years. Mattias left our home in Gran Canaria for a few days, just to fly to Stockholm, Sweden to attend to their last concert. He was moved and happy and said it was so worth it!

Since I don´t share his passion I find it a bit strange to do this just for a concert. On the other hand, I can relate to having a great passion for something. Of course, I support his decision.

To be alone with 3 kids is hectic and I truly admire all the single parents out there!!

Now, my husband is back and I had a long sleep this morning, while he got up with the kids. He gave me a massage and breakfast (or was it lunch?!) and today I´m just going to chill in the sun.

So, here's to you, Mattias! Love you! <3