Kid-O-Bunk - Now In Gran Canaria!

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This time I'm going to tell you about a very practical and fun compact living bed for children. It´s a foldable bunk bed that easily can be converted to a sofa or two single beds. Smart, right?! 

I have written about this bed on my Swedish blog before but now it´s time for an update and also make my English-speaking readers aware of this awesome compact living bed.

During last Summer, my kids got to be test pilots for this bed. The Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed can be used in many different ways. Here you can read about it on the company´s website (price, weight, size, etc.).

I have been curious about this product for a long time, especially since it´s not even available on the Swedish market. I contacted the company with headquarters in the US and they could arrange transport from Germany. After very nice and smooth contact with the customer service, I got it delivered to my home in only a few days. Since I have three children, I chose one bunk bed and one single bed (so all of my 3 children have their own beds).

There are two stylish colours to choose from; lime green and turquoise. We chose the turquoise. Each bed comes with its own storage bag where each part has its own place. In this way, it´s both easier to assemble and disassemble. The disassembled bed takes up very little space. Kid-O-Bunk can be either two single beds or built together at the height of a bunk bed and also turned into a sofa. I really like products with multiple uses in a small space.




The bed comes with instructions and it takes about 5 minutes to assemble when you are used to it. The bed can handle about 90 kg weight/bed and the recommended age is 7-12 years. My kids, 3, 8 and 11 years, all slept in the bunk bed several times. They like the storage bags on the sides of the bed a lot and think the bed is cool. They all gave it high marks but if you are going to sleep several nights in a row indoors, without sleeping bags, they thought it was nice to have a little extra mattress (I used two crib mattresses).

Overall, I think that Kid-O-Bunk is a very practical bed. Surprisingly stable and easy to handle. Perfect to bring when the family will spend the night somewhere and the kids need beds. Even when the kids have friends sleeping over. Or why not go camping with it?

undefinedI brought my Kid-O-Bunk to Gran Canaria! I just put it in my suitcase, that way I also had room for other things as well.

The Kid-O-Bunk takes half as much space as two single beds and is both more practical and more comfortable than, for example air mattresses.

It´s good that it can be made into a sofa to be used during the day. If you don´t want to use it as a bunk bed make it into two single beds instead. Or if you need only one extra bed, you just assemble one. Simply many ways to use it!

I would say Kid-O-Bunk is a compact living bed & so much more! Looking forward using it here in our small house in Gran Canaria. We often have kids sleeping over and this bed will come to great use.

Thanks for reading! All the best!!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer

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